Essential Oils

       I first shared about essential oils back in November in this post, and then again here this past January.  I initially signed up with doTerra to gain the 25% discount while I put the oils to the test in our daily lives, with hopes that I may be able to use this as a way to help adoptive families fundraise to bring their kids home!  It has really turned into so much more than I had anticipated, despite my skepticism, and for that reason I continue to feel compelled to share with others.

       We haven't used any over the counter meds since I started purchasing these oils back in September, which still amazes me.  We also haven't had a single doctors visit this fall/winter season (and I have three kids), and have fought off colds in record time!  Things I'd given up splitting fingers and brittle longer a problem!  And it wasn't even intentional! Just a by-product of using oils anyway.

       I'm a super bargain shopper....I mean really.  I had major concerns about this being cost effective, but couldn't really figure it out without trying.  Not to mention we're on a quest to find healthier, more natural ways to improve our lives, and this seemed like a good next step in my research.  So I ordered a few oils and gave it a try.  We literally use one drop of oil each time we apply....which costs us anywhere from $.04 to $.028 for the oils we have and use.  That's pretty cheap in my book!  Much more affordable than a trip to the doctors office (with three kids), co-pays and prescription costs!  And there's literally an oil to try for everythingggg!

      I am now having so much fun sharing with others, and trying to find answers to health problems for those around me.  I am more than happy to hold a class for you and your friends/family, meet one on one or just share with you via email!  If there are health concerns that you have and would like to find a solution for, please feel free to ask me for advice!  I'd love to give you a sample oil to try!  There's also opportunity through doTerra to make this a business if you're interested in jumping on board (I'm happy to mentor you and share opportunities), and I'd love to hear from any adoptive families who want me to run a fundraiser for you!  If you want to follow my page for tips, advice, and promotions please feel free to click here and here is my website if you'd like to look through the products (though I strongly encourage you to talk to me first if you'd like to place an order, because it's super easy to get a good discount!).


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