About Us

        We are just an ordinary family that found ourselves on an unexpected journey to adoption in 2012 that forever changed us.  The journey of adoption has taught us more than we ever could have anticipated. More than anything we always come back to how God has showed us time and again that He loves us infinitely more than we could have imagined, and has plans for us that greatly surpass our own. These days turned to months and now years have been filled with more purpose, challenge, joy and fulfillment than ever in our lives.  

       Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of the love and support we have received from so many of you. We hope you all realize how instrumental you each were in bringing our little boy and now our big girl home too. God may have asked us to adopt, but he asked so many of you to help make a way, and we could never thank you enough for saying yes.

       This blog began as a way to chronicle all of the amazing ways God was working in our lives through the adoption of our son, but has really turned into a journal of our lives since then.  

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