Thursday, September 7, 2017

One Less: Bring Serghy Home

When Keira first came home she started telling us about her best friend Karina almost immediately.  When we prayed, she prayed for Karina to have a family.  When she was having the time of her life, at the end of the day she'd feel sad..maybe even guilty...that she was enjoying herself but Karina was still stuck in the orphanage.  It weighed heavy on her.  We promised her we would do all that we could to help, and we all prayed that God would bring her home....I didn't really know what to do, but God reminded me to just take the next step, to keep sharing and leave the rest up to Him.  I definitely underestimated God....I never asked specifically that she come to RI, just simply that a family would adopt her and we would be able to call and skype.  But God, as always, did more than I could have ever asked or imagined and Karina came friends of in RI.  I was so blown away.  

And the ripples continue....because as this family spent time in Ukraine while adopting their daughter, they fell in love with others....because how can you not?  And when they had an opportunity to host one of the boys that they met in Karina's orphanage, Serghy, they did.  He had an amazing summer and now this family began advocating for him to have a forever family......and God is so faithful and He answered.....with friends of ours who have moved to another state stepping up to answer His call!

And so again, we ask that you help make there be One less orphan in this world.  Your prayers are so very appreciated as this can be a timely and difficult process....pray for Serghy's heart and to prepare him for his new family....and for this family to be prepared for their new son.  He turns sixteen in May and would no longer have the opportunity to be adopted, so they are getting started immediately.  They have set up a Go Fund Me as it is very costly, and there will be some fundraising efforts going on as well that I will share here.  Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions!


Upcoming Fundraiser happening locally.......

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