Monday, August 21, 2017

Happy 6th Birthday Levi!!

Oh my Levi.....six already?  How far you have come.....when I look at this sweet face, I see a little boy who knows he is loved....who knows that he belongs....who knows that he is cared for and can just be a little boy.  I have learned so very much from this little one....experienced motherhood in such a different, incredibly rich way....

Look at that little face....I can feel him trying to figure us, what are your intentions?!  So serious.....  

Well, serious no more!  This guy is all about being silly....
So our first round of picture taking turned out to be just a fun little outing of silliness :) 

One of the greatest things about Levi's increasing ability to communicate verbally is the connection we make as he shares what is on his mind and we respond.  I LOVE that he is feeling motivated to share with is so exciting to hear him explain how he's feeling, or to tell me about something he did.  Without my putting words there for him.....I can just excited with and for him.  There are so many things I've taken for granted with the others.  Levi has taught me how much I have just looked right much I've failed to be thankful for or even notice.  Sometimes I just want to rush things along, but he is a constant reminder to slow down.....

He truly enjoys life.  He takes it all in.  He sees things that others don't see. 
 He certainly didn't want to stop enjoying and pose for a picture, but he humored me pretty well.  

He wanted to climb...explore....find sticks and leaves....

I was blown away by how much climbing he did on his own.....determined to keep up with the big boys.  He turned away my offers to help....."self" he'd say..... It reminded me of how we're often not ready to let go of our little ones as they become more independent.  Kyleigh already wants to do everything herself and I often feel like it's all going too fast and just wish she'd hold my hand a bit longer.  But with Levi....I can't help but smile when he states that he wants to do it on his own....there's so much satisfaction in that one word - he's worked so hard for that....just to express it even....but also to be able to do want to....there's been so much hard work and perseverance that brought him there.....and I feel so very proud of him. 

Classic Levi "sad" face that he often gives to be funny.  And boy is he funny these days.... 

Though this looks awful, they enjoyed rolling down the hill as is their custom any time we come across one :) 

Levi's birthday actually falls on our family vacation this year so we can take him to DIGGERLAND!! I'm not sure who is more excited!  I cannot wait to see his face.  I'll add to this post once we go since really that is his "party" this year.  

We celebrated a bit the past couple days which has been fun.....he had some special one on one time with Meme and was spoiled with some pretty awesome birthday presents from his Meme and Pops.  We decided to give him most of his gifts before we left too...he was so funny saying "hmmm what is it?" 

Right up his alley! 

  Officer Levi with his prisoner attached :) 

Levi is constantly declaring there are fires in our home these days....I think the fire drills at school triggered his imagination and he's become obsessed.  He was excited to have the proper tools :) 

I was encouraging him to get in and drive the fire truck but he very seriously walked around inspecting different parts and told me "check!"  He takes in every detail....checking to make sure everything is in good working order before taking off! 

And then he finally got in, all smiles!! 

*               *               *

Then came his actual day!  A little more celebrating with friends, a fun day at six flags and then a couple more days to wait until the actual "party" at Diggerland!

He was SO cute!!  Really, Diggerland?  It couldn't have been any more perfect!

This was our first ride....we were so surprised to find that most of them were actual machines....I just assumed they would be little rides on tracks in the form of most amusement parks. 

Nope, these were the real thing!  And Levi was able to sit with us and drive most of them! Caleb was actually tall enough to drive them by himself...which totally freaked me out, but he did great!

Then there were some of the typical rides in the form of machinery.....

Yeahh.....thankfully sadly Kyleigh was too small so I had to sit this one out....

This was the best!  Levi had to sit on my lap because he was too small to go by himself, but he was able to work the machine himself!  He was in his glory!
We've taken him to watch machines working....he spots them everywhere we go....we've gone to touch a truck events and he has been able to climb up and sit in them....but this?!  This was a dream come true for this little machine operator-worker man.  It was so much fun to experience with him!! 

Happy 6th Birthday Levi!  
We love you so very much!!