Saturday, July 29, 2017

Happy 14th Birthday Keira!

      I really cannot believe this little girl is now 14 and not so little anymore!  It was only three years ago this month that we met her for the first time.....

   She was so little....not just in size, but in so many ways.  I'll always treasure that we were able to experience some of her "littleness" and give her the opportunity to just be a kid.  It was really a small window, and I see it as such a gift.  We made a lot of great memories during that time.  Today I couldn't help but think of what we should be's a beautiful day, we could be having a birthday party in the yard with all her friends!....and doing our annual photo shoot...and....but what struck me as Luke and I visited with her today, was how many times she said "remember when we ____.....remember when you.....____."  However small it may be in comparison to her former life, we still have developed a history with her....and it means a lot.  I'm thankful for that.

We set up a little mini birthday party when we arrived today....

But before we started, I braided her hair.  I used to do so almost every felt so nice to be able to, I was glad she still wanted me to!  

I could tell she was excited, though she tried to be a little bit reserved at first.  Oh teenagers!  As the minutes passed, she let go a little and became her silly self :)

I had found another copy of a children's book Levi has that refers to adoption.  I hesitated because it's really for younger children, but I really felt that she would enjoy it.  When she opened it, I was shocked that she sat and read each page....with presents still left to be opened...pointing out phrases like "always and forever, no matter what" that we've used countless times these past few years.  <3 

She was eager to open everything and try them on/use them.  Soon we had a lava lamp plugged in and a girl in goggles and shin guards :) 

And then we sang "Happy Birthday" and enjoyed her favorite cake!

We had a good visit together...I think it was really good for all of us....

I'm not sure what's next for our girl, but my prayer will always be that she can heal and lead a happy, healthy life.....that she will know how loved she is, how valuable and precious her life is, and most of all that she will see herself as God sees her...because really that would change everything.

We love you Кирочка matter what..... навсегда!
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Happy 14th Birthday!

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