Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Happy 7th Birthday Caleb!

         Today, the boy who first made me a mama, turned seven years old!  What a blessing it is to be his mom...he is such a joy!  It always amazes me how much growth happens in one year.....

We took our annual photos today, stopping frequently to play and enjoy the absolutely beautiful weather.  As always, he was a complete ham...I just love his easy going, silly personality.  

Skipping rocks.....or in Kyleigh's case, dumping as many as possible into the water :) 

How is he this grown up?!

Always adventurous, he climbed up on this tower all on his own this time around.....finding caterpillars and great treasures as he explored....I love the joy he finds in the little things...

       As I look back on this year, I feel so proud of this sweet boy.  In moments where he could have been angry and resentful, he extended such love and grace.  The boy who really loves his stuff, jumped at the opportunity to give so much of it away to another little boy in need.  When he found out it was our sponsor child's birthday he started bringing things in to send him....and when I had to break it to him that we couldn't send anything that couldn't fit into the little envelope, he ran and emptied his piggy bank.  It is such a gift to be a part of watching him love and care about others.  He is still such a people person....it doesn't matter where we go, he always finds a friend.  And when we leave, he'll tell me all about this new friend that he made and all of the fun they had together.  He truly enjoys his time with others.  Speaking of which, he thoroughly enjoyed celebrating his birthday this past weekend with a few friends.......

     He's entered the Lego stage, so he decided on that for his party theme....although he wanted the Animal Experiences guy to come again for the entertainment :)  This was by far one of the easiest themes to go with (if you ever have a Lego party, let me know, I have a few things that will make it so easy!).  

I used Lego molds for these chocolate legos and lego men...and also used them to make little crayons!  Super easy!

           Caleb actually helped quite a bit with his party prep....he's into "art projects" and coloring etc. a lot more lately, so it was cute to see his little personal touches.  He decided my Lego Pinata was lacking, so he added the word "lego" to each circle like the "real ones." :)

            One of the easiest...cheapest...and most fun parts of this party prep was that a lot of our time was spent just building with Legos!  We made 7's, his name, napkin holders...filled jars with Legos...
So much fun!

But as always, the best part is watching them enjoy it!  He was SO excited!

       I loved this picture.....it's so Caleb.  He wanted a pinata so badly....he had talked about it for months.  We've never done them at any of the kids parties, we just never thought about it!  So he was set on it.....and here he stands, watching everyone frantically fill their bags.  I saw his later....there were a few things inside, but not much.  He didn't really care so much about the treats inside...it was just the whole experience.  The excitement of having one, making it, telling his friends what was inside, hanging it up...hitting it as hard as possible in anticipation....and then watching the excitement.

And then there was Kyleigh....totally unimpressed.  With everything.  Who decided to make this party at her exact nap time?  Seriously!!

I'm pretty sure he was just as excited about the mini water bottles as he was his bag from the pinata....he had specifically requested these for his party because they're perfect for water bottle flipping!! 

I love that he still loves animals so much.....every creature really....

Such a joy to watch him enjoy this special day.

It was the perfect day....beautiful weather, great friends and family, and a lot of fun.  I'm so thankful for days like this where we can stop and enjoy one another, and celebrate life.  

   I think we were all exhausted by the end of the day....Kyleigh fell asleep sitting up around 6 :)
        We love you so much Caleby!  You are so precious to us and we are so proud of you.  We thank God for you every day and hope you know how special and loved you are!