Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Life These Days: Kyleigh Edition

Well...Kyleigh's post has been started several times....since January actually....but never gets too far.  Partially due to Kyleigh herself who does not really allow for me to sit and type....anything coherent anyway. :)  It seems to be a pattern lately that I think something is a first for her, only to remember that she's done it before.  But I think the difference these days is that she's actually aware of what's going on so she's really experiencing it for the first time with some say in the matter!

So this winter she decided that she did NOT want to go sledding.....and yet, after a few times going down the hill anyway (poor kid has so many others deciding for her!), she seemed to change her tune, and we ended up spending quite a while out there!

I'm pretty sure she was baffled by the whole snowman-making process, but she joined in anyway!

            Much like Levi, Kyleigh loves to be my little helper.  Every time the dishwasher is open, she's ready to grab things and put them away.  I have to make sure I'm paying attention, otherwise dirty dishes end up getting put away...

             Here, she had Levi join her where we tend to have them sit or stand in time out.  They got quite a kick out of themselves!

Kyleigh is still all about her babies!  We can't go anywhere without one these days, and she loves to join in the fun of sitting in their crib or stroller :) 

I love this age when they're figuring things out.  When she tries to sit in the barbie car that she can barely fit one foot into....or when she uses the remote control on a little matchbox car! 

She's quite the skilled piano player as well.....she will not be outdone!

And of course...like her daddy has taught all the others...Kyleigh is no exception...always hiding, tricking, being silly! 

Most often, during school time, Kyleigh wants to join in.  Sometimes it's hard to modify for a 1.5 year old :)  But it's always fun to do some kind of art! 

It's amazing how much this girl likes to eat.  Really, she takes after Levi a whole lot more than anyone else!  She may resemble her oldest brother, but her eating habits are like night and day (thank goodness!!).  As soon she sees anyone with food, the binky comes out and she opens her mouth like a little bird! 

For Christmas, each child received a coupon for an experience geared towards them.  We took Kyleigh to Kidz Kastle for hers since she'd never been only been as an infant.  Of course she quickly became possessive of the two babies there :)  I think she enjoyed it!! 

She still thinks her big sister is the coolest girl around, and definitely has her wrapped around her finger!  Since she typically only hits or LICKS the screens, I tend to say no, but Keira so patiently sat with and helped her and she was so proud of herself! 

She definitely loves her kitty, and incorporates her into play time often.  Surprisingly, Chloe has been a good sport....sometimes I'll see her sitting with a bowl of ice cream, or one of Kyleigh's other specialties :) 

It didn't take long for her to demand a turn walking the neighbors dog.  She knew just what to do after watching the others....how is she already this big?!!

                 Just one of the gang now.....I love that she loves to play with her siblings!

Aside from playing with her babies and barbies...which she takes very good care of I should note....she's an Elmo, Minnie, Shawn the Sheep loving girl :)  She LOVES to be outside, constantly demanding someone put her boots on, followed by requests for a hat and gloves (she just may be found outdoors in a hat and gloves in the summer as I'm not sure she will hear of going outdoors without them!).  She can often be found chewing, or requesting, gum which she has been doing for quite some time already and seemed to instantly understand.  She loves to make a mess, but is pretty happy to help clean up too :)  Her little personality entertains us all and I truly thank God daily for blessing us with such a treasure! 

We love you Kyleigh Princess!