Thursday, February 9, 2017

Life These Days: Levi Edition was just as I predicted.......

                                                                        Day one :)

    Levi received his first cast and has adjusted very quickly!  Just having had a huge restriction placed on him, he waved and said goodbye to everyone in the various offices we passed on our way out.  We had a second doctors appointment right after, and Levi proceeded to do laps around the office, holding on to the wall or various pieces of furniture.  When he had that down, he began climbing over the tables.  We were quite the entertainment....or maybe those were looks of disdain? ha!  Though he expressed his frustration occasionally that first day, and hit the cast in anger, declaring "no more," by day two he had clearly moved on.  They sent us home without any supports and the promised wheelchair never came.  Thankfully, Levi's PT from school is amazing and after looking through some storage, came up with several options.  She also, very intelligently, referred to them as Levi's special MACHINES, which totally appealed to him of course.  He was so proud...and soon protective...of his machines!  However....they very quickly became unnecessary..just some additional toys to play hang his tool bag on :)

Or use while spinning on the scooter board?

Within several days of having his first cast put on, Levi was walking around unassisted.  I had gone to pick him up from children's church and there he was...walking, without his cane, or holding onto anything....and he then proceeded to walk in circles...seemingly in his own little, yes, I can do this!  He's incredible!

When he gets tired, we often find him lounging in the play room, working his crane :) He is such a character!

             These two are becoming partners in crime.  Note the mischievous grin on Kyleigh and the "we're not doing anything" look on Levi's face.  I love that they love each other!  They are so comical.  Levi loves his "tyleigh" as he calls her....but I'm not sure he looks up to anyone as much as "daylo" (still his name for Caleb).  More and more I see him doing the things that Caleb does....always carrying around a backpack...always asking for his big brother, and wanting to be sure he's included in what Caleb is doing.  It's precious.  

             One other thing I've noticed lately, along with Levi's progress in speech, are his manners!  Unprompted....he's always thanking me, saying's so sweet.  In the picture below, Meme is reading them a book via skype.  As she reads a favorite, Levi was able to finish the sentences.  It may not seem like a big deal, but it SO is!  He is so smart and has come so far this year.  I am seeing more and more growth, even with some major challenges in school this year.    

              Levi, as always, has quite the imagination!  The wheels are always spinning....he pays such close attention to detail and then mimics in his play.  And then, sometimes, it's a the cook/worker/doctor below :)  It's so fun to watch him play, especially when he doesn't know you're there!

          And though, this too is much the same, I have to include it in his addendum.  His best buddy, Luke, who has faithfully poured into his life since before he was even home.  I'm so thankful for their special bond and the role model he has to look up to!

            It's hard to believe this big boy is the same little munchkin we met four years ago.....We love you so much Levi!!!

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