Saturday, January 28, 2017

Life These Days: Caleb Edition

            A couple weeks ago I had a facebook memory pop up that made me stop and think....and question it's accuracy!  It said something about Caleb enjoying his last few days as an only child....only four years ago......four years?  I feel as if I can hardly remember what it was like to just have one child....but as I spent the last week sitting beside this sweet, little, very sick, boy, I kept thinking about that post.  It seems like many more than four years, but the memories started to flood back to the times of our little trio.  We did a lot of movie/TV watching this week, but when even the TV wasn't helping to take his mind off the discomfort, he'd just talk to me.....about anything and everything.  We talked about some of our memories...I love the sweet smile that appears when I talk about him as a baby...that smile that says "I feel special"....and you can't help but smile at those precious memories.  But mostly we talked about now.  All of the things that are exciting and relevant in the life of a six year old boy.  Excuse me, I mean six and a HALF year old boy....that is currently very important to include.  And in some ways that number seems so big.....He seems so big....but there's something about being sick that brings out the "little-ness" in even big boys like him :)  The cuddling...the neediness.....not being able to leave his side, because a moms presence really can make him feel better!

          When the kids are babies...or in our case, when they're first home.....I tend to keep a log...of milestones, firsts, memorable moments.  But as they grow, or have been home a while....that tends to fade.  So, here's a little addendum, Caleb, to your's been a while :)

          Between homeschooling, and the library being right across the street, we tend to be at the library often.  So on a recent trip, Caleb applied for his very own library card.  He was SO excited. I could tell he felt so grown up.  Actually, I'm pretty sure he told me how "big" he felt!  He put it in his very own wallet (another grown up thing to have) and is so proud that he can borrow books without my help.  So very sweet.  I still have my first library's cracked, and says my old last name....but I refuse to trade it in.  I'm sure his will get as much use as mine has over the years!

         A while ago, Caleb started taking an interest in Karate.  He was doing soccer at the time, but as the season ended he was adamant that he wanted to try something different....maybe basketball, or karate.  We waited until after the holidays and when he hadn't wavered in his decision for a while, we signed him up for karate.  I'm not sure if this is "his thing" or not, it's still too early to tell, but it is a lot of fun to see him learning new things.  I love watching him in class......there were a few times where he made a face towards me while stretching as if to say "ahhhh this hurts, I want to stop!!!".....but he pushed through it.  I've been really impressed with his efforts so far, and I think it's sweet for him to have his own thing!  We'll see though....time with his little friends is pretty much on the top of his priority list these days, and he's not always thrilled about having to pause the play time in order to go to class.  Of course once he's there, he enjoys it, but I'm not sure what will win in the end :)

        On Christmas Day, Caleb received an extra surprise gift.  Something he's been waiting for....a loose tooth!  It didn't take long for it to fall out, and he was SO excited.  It's so much fun to see him enjoy these milestones.  We get frequent updates about his first grown up tooth coming in, and there are now quite a few moments where we all wait in great anticipation as he checks to see if another tooth may be lose :)

       I love to watch the growth in school as well.  Though we've had our challenges this year, it's amazing to watch your kids gain new understanding and even surprise themselves with their achievements.  I've noticed a lot of increased creativity with Caleb this year (taking after his daddy, thank goodness!)....I'm such a "make it like the example" person when it comes to projects...but Caleb has started adding his own touches, sometimes even changing things quite a bit.  When we do experiments, he has endless ideas of what else we could try...and "what if....."  "I wonder if we did this, what would happen...."


    Today we decided to check out some old home videos from when Caleb was Kyleigh's current age.  They both got such a kick out of it....(as I cried ha!)....I couldn't help but feel like I was watching someone else's life gone couldn't possibly be that I'm now the one looking back at what seems to be a lifetime ago.  How precious are those memories.....and these current days will soon be distant memories as well...but for now, I get to savor and enjoy them!

 You're definitely not a little baby anymore sweet Caleb....but...of course, you'll always be OUR baby!  Love you big boy! 

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