Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Six is Special!


It's hard to believe this little bundle is now six years old!  He still brings us the same joy we felt as we held him in our arms for the first time.....and so much more.  It's crazy how fast they become little people, with such unique personalities, making life so much more full...opening up a whole world we'd once been unaware of.....and teaching us so much along the way. 

I love his little personality....the way he loves and cares for every insect, creature, animal....soaks up information about them and remembers it.  I'll be reading a book on animals and he'll often stop me before I can read about the next one, to tell me all that he knows about it.  Meanwhile, I'm pretty certain I've never heard of this particular one....ever.  He's passionate about what he loves!

He has a love for others that blows me away.....he's so much more social than I'll ever be (daddy's genes kicking in big time there).  I think he is completely oblivious to age.  I remember one of the first times I really noticed it......he happened to see our neighbor outside and couldn't put his shoes on fast enough as he excitedly asked me if he could go outside to see her.  Assuming it was one of his little neighborhood friends, I was surprised to see him outside talking away to an older woman.  I'm pretty sure she can't come outside without a visit from Caleb....and I think she enjoys it as much as he does.  And then he'll come inside and ask to play with his baby sister, like the best of friends.  I love it!

Homeschooling this boy is quite in adventure!  He certainly keeps me on my toes! He's such a science/math kid, totally opposite of me, so it's been fun learning along with him :)  He gets so excited with each new experiment and activity we do, always begging for more.  He's really reading now, which is so exciting, and his little journal entries are just precious....there's really nothing like being a part of everything he is learning and watching his progress!

He's always up for an adventure, but is also the one who tears up at the sad parts of a movie.  He'll cry if his sister is sad or hurt, or worry if everything is not okay.  He is our comedian...and will do anything to make you laugh, especially if you're sad.  And I'm always amazed at how well he is able to express his feelings...or reasoning....even when it's simply that "I didn't want to trip my brother, my leg just really wanted to".....it's often hard not to laugh at the honesty, and we sure can relate :) But for the past few days as we've celebrated his birthday, it's been pretty simple.  "I feel special," he whispered to me more than once.  And I'd tell him how glad I was, because he IS special.   

His sundae after being sung to at Red Robin :)

He likes to be a part of everything and often wants to take over.  Here he is decorating his own cupcakes, while trying to micromanage every other aspect of the party preparations.  They came out pretty cute :)  

Caleb's Thor Hammer Cupcakes
One thing he'll tell you about himself these days is that he's not a waiter......as in he doesn't like to wait...HA!  Though he says it jokingly, we all know how serious he is!  So he convinced us to let him open one of his gifts a couple days early....after all it was his birthday party that day...and the reasoning begins....we're so in for it with this one!

He's such a sweet little love...and such a ham....it didn't matter that all his friends were there and we asked him to stop playing and take a few pictures with us.....he's all in!

And all ready to pose in five million crazy ways with every silly face imaginable!

 Poor thing inherited some major indecisiveness from me....so after changing his birthday plans several times, I had about a week and a half to plan a superhero/superboy/movie night birthday party!
Daddy as Spiderman, trying to "tag" everyone with his web!

That is the face of a boy feeling special....because his Pa G called to say happy birthday...and in the midst of his party, he was so thrilled to stop and talk to him.
Taking at turn at spiderman tag

       We had the kids make little "cars" for the drive in movie portion of the party....it turned out pretty cute, and they seemed to enjoy it.

Even Kyleigh joined in!

Parked and waiting for the show to start!

Concession stand!

So happy to be parked next to his best friend and enjoying his day!

Since his party wasn't on his actual birthday, we celebrated again yesterday....he was more than happy to keep the party going :)  

          We decided to go to Rocky Point, the site of an old local amusement park that is now just a beautiful place to enjoy the outdoors.  He brought some of his new gifts to use and we did our annual photo shoot.

(I am below having a heart attack)

Where does he get this from?!!

         I am so incredibly thankful for this sweet, smart, loveable, adventurous, silly, outgoing boy that God has entrusted to us.  It is such a privilege to be his mom and I couldn't be happier to know that this amazing boy feels as special as he is!

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