Sunday, May 29, 2016

Spring Fun

      Somehow this was still in draft mode so it's a little out of order, but better late than never!  Our spring started with a family vacation to TN and OK to visit some family.  It was so nice to spend time with them, and the weather was absolutely beautiful.  Each of these three kiddos had been on a plane one time before, but it was only with mommy and daddy....Caleb on this same trip when he was just 15 months old, Levi on his way home from Russia, and Keira on her way home from Ukraine.  One kid on a plane with both parents is fairly simple.....but the thought of traveling with four was a little overwhelming....and having to bring three car seats, a stroller etc. etc. seemed crazy.  However, these sweet kids were such a joy on our way there, despite a great deal of traveling by plane and car (the way home was another story, but we'll focus on the bright side!).....they were SO excited to experience this together.......

Layovers....piece of cake! 

                            Shocker, no one took the empty seat next to the couple with a baby :)

Luke's dad is a trooper.....he set up this camper outside the house and stayed EVERY night out there with Keira, Caleb and Levi.....they LOVED it!

                                                    Always ready to pose for the camera!

Her favorite thing to!  Uncle Tom spoiled her with lots of rides :)

And Levi was in heaven.....diggers and machines 24/7....his greatest passion!

Kyleigh was stuck like glue to me at first....but it didn't take long for her to soak in all the love from her Great Grandma......

She had her first ride and loved it of course!

Her other favorite person...cousin Katie! 

So special to spend time with family they don't get to see very often....they sure are missing them!



Enjoying God's beautiful creation!

Grammy coming up with games to keep the kids sweet and lots of laughs!

Easter Fun at Meme and Pops.....cousins!!

A trip to Mystic Aquarium 

Levi got soaked by the sting rays...he was thrilled :)

Animal experiences at the library....never gets old!

Awana grand much fun to create their cars and then race them!

Awana awards night....these two worked so hard all year, so proud of them!

First bike ride of the season together!


Enjoying playing outside

This cart seriously entertained them for over an hour!

All four kiddos playing a game together :)

Of course this kid would find a bunny in the yard, and fall in love :)

So serious about her meme these days....including screeching and protesting when I try to take her back......

Making signs for their lemonade stand...

Lemonade stand!  $51 raised....seriously? I think I was happy if I made $5.  Keira came in with her portion and announced that she was giving it to the poor....I wish she would grasp what a big heart she has!

      Classic arm extended to where she wants to go.....And of course, Luke being told what to do and then doing it, by our children

He LOVES to work and help his daddy!

So blessed by these four!

Heading out to see their first professional soccer game thanks to Keira's very kind and generous soccer coach!

Happy Spring!!