Saturday, January 23, 2016

Always - Gotcha Day!

A couple days ago was Levi's third Gotcha day.....three years since the day we picked him up.  What a relief it was to have that little boy in our arms and to land in America after all the uncertainty.  I remember the Sunday before we left we sang this song in church and it was such a comfort to me...such a reminder of where my focus needed to remain...on God's promises.

Oh, my God, He will not delay
My refuge and strength always
I will not fear, His promise is true
My God will come through always, always

This past Sunday we sang that song again and I marveled at how faithful God is Always.  Sometimes it's just hard to comprehend that this is the same little boy we met in Russia.....

I"ll never forget his little heart pounding so hard as they passed him to us....

But in no time, he was loving the attention!

Some things haven't his love for Fudge Pup :)

But so many things have changed......

We received this photo in an email before we ever met him.  This little guy was so restricted....spending most of his days just sitting and watching.  And if you know Levi, he is NOT a "watcher."  

He went from one cast, to two casts, and then to these lovely shoes for 23 hours a day.....

and yet, nothing slowed him down......

"Well what if he stands up with them that okay?"  I asked, knowing my little one so well.  Oh no, he won't be able to so don't even worry about it.  Within a day of having them, he was standing on the bar, shimmying his way along furniture and in his crib.  

His persistence can be frustrating at times when he's doing something he's not supposed to for the billionth time...he definitely gives me a run for my money...but oh how he has needed these qualities.  He will not be held will not steal his joy....and he loves so freely.

Dropping off items at a local rescue mission.....not sure what to say to the group of people behind me speaking in another language, so I'm busying myself with the items.  "HI!!!!" Levi screams at them.  We walk into the nursing home, all a little apprehensive, but excited.  "Hi!!" Levi screams again and then walks over to kiss an elderly woman's knee.  "Oh, okay then, thank you!" she says.  Loves, so doesn't matter who you are, or how different you may be, just love.  

As always, the progress is slow, but it's always there...slow but steady....
And these are the moments when I really can't believe this is the same little guy we met a few years ago....

            I had to snap a picture of him putting his shoes on by himself on the correct feet for the first time!!  You know...his slow but steady progress helps us to slow down and appreciate the accomplishments.

And at four, we finally decided to try out the big boy bed.  He loved his crib....almost surprisingly.  Yet I believe it offered some sense of security....he felt safe in that small space that he knew so well.  He had never once even tried to climb out....and we all know that if he wanted to, he would have.

I'm so thankful God led us to this sweet little boy....he has taught me a great deal, and I'm sure he will continue to!  It's such a blessing to watch him enjoy see him appreciating things I may never have watch how he is his own unique person with his own special loves and learn from his perseverance and resilience.  

Happy gotcha/family day Levi Ivan, we love you so much!

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  1. I am soooooo thankful for this beautiful grandson God has given me. I love him so much and could not imagine life without him. Thank you, Jesus, for this precious gift!