Saturday, November 14, 2015

Friends Forever

      When we originally went to Ukraine, we were approved to adopt two girls, and fully expected to do so.  We were so caught off guard when it wasn't working out that way and wondered why God had allowed us to adopt just one.  We can see so many reasons now, and love the way God blessed us with two girls anyway!  But when Keira first came home and talked so frequently about her best friend Karina, we wondered why we hadn't known about her, and wished we could have adopted her as well.  And yet, God in his infinite wisdom and perfect timing knew why...and watching this story unfold is yet another beautiful picture of his plans and our limited understanding.  I think it was one of the hardest parts of leaving Ukraine for her....because really, Keira and Karina were family.  They took care of one another from the time they were little...looked out for one another, defended one another, comforted one another...loved each other.

Keira and her best friends from Ukraine (Karina on the right - Photo shopped by Luke)

     We have prayed every day since she came home that a family would step forward to adopt Karina.  We were able to have her listed on some adoption websites, doing anything we could to advocate for her.  Keira wrote her letters and sent her packages, and one day she finally received a letter in return.  That letter is priceless...but how she longed to talk to her make sure she's okay and knows that she has not forgotten her best friend.  Last Saturday they finally were able to speak.  I had a lump in my throat as I videoed a portion of their conversation - the first in over a year - and my heart broke at the sadness in her voice.  Keira's often mentioned that anytime she told someone she loved them people would make a huge deal out of it, as if it was the craziest thing to say.  Why would you say I love you to your auntie?? You said you loved your friend? That's crazy!  For a child with so much love in her heart and who so desired love and affection in return, this did not make sense to her.  And oh how she's reveled in the love given so freely here.  I think it was one of the most surprising things to her about America and relationships here.  And so, as they spoke last week, Keira told Karina that she didn't care how it sounded or what people thought, she loved her.  And after a brief pause, Karina told Keira she loved her too.  These girls have such a special bond.

     Here and there a family would contact me asking questions about Karina, but it never amounted to much.  And then a local family started asking questions and I thought it was too good to be true.  I'd never even considered it possible.  One of the families had been from California....couldn't have really gotten much farther away than that.....but we were just glad she would have a family.  We'd skype....write letters....and hope someday to meet in person.  But as always, God had a better idea....and has blessed us with infinitely more than we could have ever asked or imagined.  And these two girls will be reunited.....loved, protected, treasured......

    It struck me that many of you may not have known why we were doing this auction fundraiser, as you have been invited by friends or family, or fellow adoptive families.  And so, this is the reason.  To see yet another precious child come home to a loving family where she belongs.  And to be reunited with the only family she's ever known, her best friend.  Keira is so very excited and I think, still processing.  She asked me to pray with her so that we could thank God for answering her prayers, and so willingly offered all of her money, that she's labored for and saved for several months.  And as I closed her door after talking and saying goodnight, I was overcome with that my reaction to an answered prayer?  To stop and thank God...recognizing it was He who answered and made it possible......and to then offer everything I have to give?

     I cannot wait to see this family together with their daughter....and to see my daughter's delight in being reunited with her best friend.  And I cannot wait to hug and thank this sweet girl who in many ways cared for her in a way that I wish I could have all those years.  God is so good!


Monday, November 2, 2015

Adoption Auction Update

    Okay, the auction is officially up!  It won't start until November 14th, but please help us to make the most of this by inviting others into the group and sharing it!  We'll continue taking donations (as in things that can be auctioned off) until the 14th as well.  And for those who may be donating services or handmade items, I am more than happy to promote your etsy stores, contact information etc. so please let me know if you're interested!

                                 Here's the link.... Adoption Auction for Karina