Sunday, August 23, 2015

Levi's Turn...Four is Fun!

This little guy has watched each member of our family have a birthday this year..."Me!!" he'd say and we'd remind him that it wasn't his day yet.  This is the first year he's really understood what is going on when it comes to birthdays...and what he's missing out on :)  A day all about celebrating me?!  Sign me up!  Waiting to be the last person's birthday celebrated?  Not so fun.  Well Friday was HIS day, and it was so fun to watch him enjoy say "Yes, You!" when he patted his hand against his chest and exclaimed "Me! My!"

It was serious business opening his presents.....

LOVE the goggles...SO Levi....

His new, real he's really going to be helping daddy.....or destroying furniture...

And then more arrived....because my kids are beyond spoiled...

           We had a crazy day with a million appointments, but we eventually returned to celebration mode and picked up some dinner.  This little guy loves KFC, so he got his own box and was very proud.

And when you're a mom of four, you get creative because you probably don't have any cake mix or frosting in the house, nor time to make one.  This was yummier anyway!

"Mama, (insert blowing)" he said, patting me.  He was so happy we were going to sing to him so he could blow out his candles...okay candle. 

One more present from Meme and Pops.....

                         Signing thank you to them.....they know what their boy loves!

And he has enjoyed it thoroughly ever since!

(And here's what the princess did during the "party")

So we didn't do a big party for Levi like we did for the big kids this year....we're splitting it up because I just may go insane doing a party four months in a row, and I'm sure everyone would unfriend/family us for having so many parties.  We figure we'll pick special years and do a party, but otherwise we'll just do something special as a family.  So I found that they were doing "Touch A Truck" at a nearby town two days after his birthday....with diggers and dump trucks that he could actually sit on!  Almost too good to be true...the timing wasn't the best so we only had about an hour, but he enjoyed himself!  And a great bonus with great friends joining us!

He didn't want to take his eyes away from all the cool features long enough to look at the camera!

I wonder if I'll have a picture of him like this in 20 years....

Beeping the horn of course!

Telling the firefighter to close the door.....he's so bossy! 

The door closed and he said "BYE!"

Sweet friends!

How cute is he?!!

Train ride!  Levi's other newest love!

(and the princess slept...)

It's amazing how big he seems this year...maybe just because his new little sister makes him seem like a giant...but I think it's even more than that.  He's growing in so many ways and turning into quite the big boy.  It's a strange thing, your children growing....always somewhat bittersweet as you want to bottle up their little-ness, while at the same time encouraging and enjoying watching them grow and accomplish new things.  Levi works so hard for each milestone...and the process has been in many ways I feel like we get to savor his growth a little more, and for that I am thankful.  
And yet, it sometimes feels like we aren't making enough maybe we need to do something different or could do more...and I can only imagine the frustration this little one feels....but really when we stop and look back it brings me to tears to think of how much he just keeps pushing, all the while with a smile and so full of life and love.  Something I need to dwell on more often.  Something I could learn a lot from.  
We're hearing more and more of his voice...and often throughout the day, one or more of us will excitedly say "did you hear that?! Levi said __!"  It's precious to hear his siblings getting so excited as he copies something they've said, or says a new word clear as day.  
And he's opened our eyes to a whole new world.....a world of diggers and dump trucks and construction work.  It's exciting!  But ya know, every time I'm driving through construction (which is about every five seconds around here), I'm either thinking of Levi and how much he'd love it, or he's in the back seat pointing each one out with excitement.  Funny how kids teach you to look on the positive side of things :)

Happy 4th Birthday Levi!  We love you so have come so far and taught us so much....we hope you felt at least a fraction of how special you are. <3

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