Sunday, July 26, 2015

Used To You

       Since Kyleigh arrived, I haven't stopped marveling at how incredible it is to bring a precious little life into this world.  How perfect and intricate is God's design.  How incredible that He has allowed us to be a part of creating new life....I am just in awe.  Not that I didn't feel the same each time one of our children was born, or came into our family....but just because I am living, feeling, and experiencing it in the present all over again.

        It seems I am not the only one who is so amazed (obviously)....but as we go about our lives, it seems that people cannot help but stop what they are doing to notice an infant.  Men, women, children, young, doesn't seem to matter.  Wherever I go, people stop and take notice.  They remember children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews....great grand children...and marvel at how small and perfect they are.  How precious.  Some people are bothered by this....but I think it is such a beautiful thing....that people want to stop and appreciate new life....that it causes them to pause and reminisce and appreciate...  That it brings a smile to their face.

        And yet all of this causes me to wonder.....why does this seem to fade....when does it start to fade?  Each of my children are precious beyond words, and I love them wholeheartedly.  But when I look at my older children, am I still brought to a place of marveling at God's design in the same way?  Or do I begin to just take it for granted.  Do others stop to take notice of children as they grow and walk away with the same smile?  Maybe somewhat for a toddler....but as they grow it subsides more and more.  I've had the lyrics to this song on repeat in my head for the past few many blessings in my much to be thankful for and reasons to be in awe because of God's grace and goodness.  But so often, I think I allow myself to get too take it all for granted....and in doing so, I loose that sense of awe.  And each time I find myself in this place, I remember what I've been missing...and I purpose again not to let it go.....

 Used to You
by Jenn Weber

I get caught up in the good stuff in the way you fill my life
I guess it’s easy to forget every present has its price

One week in the rain, maybe I’ll appreciate the sun
Lord, your touch is so familiar that I worry I’m not sensitive enough

And I don’t ever want to get used to you
To make you a habit and take you for granted
I won’t let Your love grow old to me, cold to me
I’ve loved you so long and I don’t ever want to get used to You

Any mystery is a thrill until you know just how it ends
Every first kiss leaves you dreaming on the brink of new romance

You’re so comfortable, maybe I’m too casual with You
This time I’m so determined to be thankful for the little things You do

You’re the love that I’m living for
I love You though I know You more
Everyday I love You more, forever

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