Saturday, June 20, 2015

Kyleigh's Debut


       Four kids in five years, spanning almost twelve years in age, wasn't our initial plan.....It's certainly been a whirlwind, but we wouldn't change a thing.  Never did we expect that nine months after bringing home our first daughter, we would be welcoming our second....almost 11 full years apart in age.  But we are so blessed, and God's plans are so much sweeter than our own.

         It's been hard to remember what it's like to have an hold one so experience the wonder of bringing a baby into the world.  We are so excited to have our little one here!  We haven't purposely been withholding her name....we just really didn't know ourselves until just recently.....I really wanted the room complete with letters on the wall, so we finally had to decide.  Caleb held strong to his vote for Batgirl, but in the end Kyleigh won out.  I think she'll thank us one day.

       She made quite the entrance into this world, leaving with me two very opposite birth experiences.  I remember the nurses coming in and of the room when I was in labor with Caleb, saying how this was not was quiet and calm as we watched movies and waited for our little boy.  They encouraged me to take a nap so I drifted in and out until the doctor came in to check on me.  She was off to lunch, but then suggested I not cough, sneeze, or basically move as she prepared to deliver our son....and fifteen minutes or so later, and pain free I may add, Caleb entered the world.  And so, I predicted the second time around would be much the same.  Wrong.

       Last Monday night, 13 days prior to my due date, the contractions started as I tried to sleep.  It was so much like the first time around, except that they started closer together....I was never able to sleep, so I tried to keep myself busy all night as everyone slept.....5 minutes apart....4....3....they weren't yet as severe as I remembered, but I know the second can sometimes come quickly and I remembered the sudden switch between the bearable and the takes-your-breath-away type so I assumed this was it.  I started packing a bag, woke Luke to do the same, and woke my poor mother to come stay with the kids.

      As soon as they checked me in, early Tuesday morning, they started to had been one of my big fears....getting sent home, being wrong....and sure enough, home we went.  I already had a doctor's appointment scheduled for the same day and sure enough I was 4cm and she predicted I'd have the baby within the next 24 hours.  So naturally I stopped to do some errands on the way home to be better prepared, and then, since never having slept, tried to take a nap.  A few minutes after laying down the contractions started again.  But this time I wasn't taking it seriously....until ten minutes later when my water broke.  Luke was mowing the lawn and I suggested he finish up and get ready as the contractions quickly became more severe.  It was almost dinner time, so I decided I'd just make dinner quick so the kids were fed, and let my mom know she'd need to come soon.  Almost right away the contractions were a few minutes apart and getting unbearable....but the water was boiling and I figured I'd rather be safe than sent home again, so I finished up.  All I remember is our conversation on the way to the hospital about it being rush hour, not the ideal time to rush to the hospital....but then it was also almost 6 as the clock read 5:55 so it could have been worse.

    While they tried to get me in quickly, after checking me in, they had to wait for a I stood in the hallway, clearly in pain, a large group of people came around the corner.  A tour for those who would soon deliver at this hospital.....yes, I said...this is where you stand in the hallway, in agony, as you wait for a room ....I may have actually said that out loud, though I do believe quiet enough for them not to hear.  Their faces said it all anyway, as they tried not to make it obvious they were looking at me.

     They finally found a place for me, at which point I had a feeling there was not much time left....they put the IV in so I could get an epidural, but I just knew it was too late.  They didn't seem to be on the same page.  Much not to my surprise, and to theirs, they suddenly needed to get me upstairs asap.  There were a lot of people waiting they said, but not to worry, I was going first.....we never made it.  I'm not sure where we made it to really....some room, without a doctor....  "Ideally we'd like to wait for the doctor-okay-never mind...."  Kyleigh was born at 6:55, exactly one hour after our conversation about rush hour traffic on the way to the hospital.  It certainly seemed much longer.  So surreal.  So opposite our first experience.  But still so incredible....such a miracle.  Our little girl was here!

     She is such a precious.....such a reminder of God's goodness and grace....that He would let us be a part of something so incredible.

      Thank you so much for all of the congratulations, kind words and messages....thank you for celebrating with us, we appreciate and love you all!

                                                   First family blessed!

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