Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Adventures With Levi

   I wasn't feeling well so we skipped out on our usual Sunday night at youth group with daddy.  The kids were outside playing with the neighbors, and I sat watching them.  It was a beautiful night....everyone playing so nicely together.....me dreaming of early bedtimes and getting to sleep early myself.  Just after seven, I decided we'd get an early start and try to make those dreams a reality.  There were no arguments....everyone agreeably said goodbye to their friends and came inside.....even got themselves ready for baths/showers without my constant nagging....I was feeling seriously spoiled.....and thankful....and like maybe this was too good to be true?

   I had my back to Levi as I put the days dirty clothes into the hamper and got ready to bathe the boys.  Out of nowhere he started screaming and crying....not too unusual from this easily frustrated guy who can't always communicate as he so desires.....but as I turned I saw blood squirt out from somewhere....what?!  All I could guess was that he hit the corner of the wall directly behind him because he had a gash in his head....Keira was standing beside me, now panicking, and I ran to grab a rag to hold against the wound.  Caleb was in the bathroom, ready for his bath, so when I ran in...now covered in blood myself....he too began to panic.

    I looked around, assessing the situation....I couldn't usher everyone into the car because...well for one, my children were barely clothed...and secondly I had to hold Levi and keep the rag compressed to his wound.  It was soaking through fast, and making me more and more nervous.  Caleb and Keira were hysterical at this point, poor Levi was crying, but starting to calm down.  Keira ran in asking if I needed oils and holding a neosporin essential oil alternative I'd made for cuts.....I almost laughed.  So sweet.

   I asked Caleb to run as fast as he could downstairs to grab my phone.  He was sobbing, but I don't think I've ever seen him move so fast.  He was back upstairs in seconds with my phone in hand.  I called my parents and they were on their way immediately.  The bleeding finally started to subside, and Levi started acting like himself....actually, he was laughing.  Yes, laughing.  I'm not sure what struck him so funny at that point.  I wish he would have shared with us.  Caleb and Keira continued to wail...but Levi just laughed.  I grabbed some pj's for Levi and left my dad to take care of the chaos at home.  My mom, Levi and I headed to the hospital.

   We're only a few minutes from home when we hear sirens....so naturally we pull over to let them by......or not.  Oh right...they're pulling us over.  I didn't think we were going that fast.  My mom doesn't think so either.  We're experiencing a little tunnel vision I guess.  The cop sits in his car as they often do at first, so I open my window and try to shoo him towards us with my hand...you know to make him hurry up.  I'm sure he thinks we're insane at this point (to which Luke later agreed when I relayed the story).  He says something about being careful because we don't want to get into an accident on top of things, and we're on our way.

   We wait in the ER....Levi's charming everyone as usual....acting like the perfect patient as he often does.  His curiosity is a blessing in anew and different situations because he just becomes in awe of everything around him.  They put the little tape on his finger and he marveled at it for what seemed like forever.  They're asking me questions...you know his name...middle initial...the usual.  I give the wrong middle initial and have to correct myself a moment later.  Seriously, I do know my kids names I try to reassure her.

    We're waiting in our room now, having to hold this numbing goop on his head for 30 minutes, and Levi's diaper gives way.  Oh yeah...I was supposed to be changing him and giving him a bath....now he and my mom are wet.  Fantastic.  I should also add that in this crazy series of events, Levi actually decided to tell me that he had to use the potty....um really.....this never...NEVER happens....and I had to tell him to just go in his diaper.....

    Levi's giving sweet "hi's" and "bye's" to anyone and everyone that enters or leaves.  One nurse comments on his cute bear pajamas....and "ohhh they even have tongues on the feet....oh wait...."  Nope...those are his toes sticking out....one hole in each foot where his big toe is.....when did that happen?!

    They put the staples in and he's seriously still being the perfect patient.  I cringe....it just seems wrong to staple one's body parts, never mind your head.  Nevertheless I'm thankful it's over.  Levi says bye and leans in to kiss the woman who just stapled his head.  He then points to the nurse who was helping and she comes over to collect her kiss.  I can imagine many of you who love on this little boy and have invested much into him, with confused and maybe hurt looks on your faces as you read this.  You, like me, have probably been the recipient of a slap, or maybe some spit to the face.....and you likely had not just finished putting staples in his head.  What can I say?  That's my little boy.  Crazy tornado one second, and the sweetest love you'll ever meet the next.

     We take our now very wet boy with holey pj's, a new middle initial and now staples in his head, home.....he's tired, but just as happy as can be.....I laugh and think, now that's grace....he is one special little guy.  Life is certainly an adventure with Levi!

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