Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A New Season

        I could hear giggling and peeked out the window to see two little girls swinging on the swings, chatting.....throwing heads back in laughter......thank you God for a new season, for a friend....excitement in this fresh air we're finally able to enjoy!  I always marvel at how a new season affects us all.  It's exciting.  Even if we don't have any grand plans approaching.....the newness, the changes.....the way it feels to be outside and enjoy nature, it's just such a blessing.

       We have new neighbors moving in next door....almost matching the ages of our kids, with one on the way.  I honestly think I was more excited than the kids if that's possible (Keira has been praying that a new friend would move in).  They've never experienced this....having friends just next door to play with daily!  It's always a process of planning and orchestrating schedules to make plans with friends, but this spontaneously being able to play for hours outdoors is so new and exciting to them.  Yesterday was their second time playing together......I listened as Caleb and his new little friend played superheroes....."now turn into Hulk!" he told her.....what a good sport she is!  They play as if they've known each other forever....I love how little ones can do that.  Keira and her friend, who she proceeded to call "girl" until I finally intervened rode bikes and chased each other....just being silly and giggling about everything.  My heart was literally bursting.  This....this is what she's been longing for....missing so desperately.  God is so good!

       Everywhere I turn....more change.....newness.  Homeschooling is much less structured these days, as we finished our kindergarten curriculum already.  Our last week was on butterflies, so we ordered our caterpillars and have been watching them as they grow.  It's so much fun to see the kids excitement....to listen to them call each other over to see how they've grown and changed.


Otherwise I'm really letting Caleb take the lead these days in what we read and learn about.  His latest questions that have plagued me, because I really did not have good enough answers, have been centered around what happens when we flush the toilet.  Ummm it goes into the sewers?  "Like where the ninja turtles are?!!!"  We have some books on hold at the library and may need to take a field trip to the sewage treatment center!!  But this week we've been enjoying the outdoors.  I love how this little boy loves nature and marvels at the beautiful things God has created.  "Mama, look it's a robin!!!  It's so beautiful!"  "Mama, mama....look the sky is a little orange over there....it's so beautiful!"  

    Yesterday we explored an area just minutes from our house that I haven't been to in years.....he was in heaven!

         Keira had her first soccer practice yesterday!  She continues to amaze me....seriously I never would have had the courage to do half of what she does.  She was so SO excited and must have asked fifty times if we were leaving soon.  We all went to watch and were so proud of her...she did great!  Everyone else would stand in line, waiting their turn to kick the ball....but Keira jumped around...unable to contain her excitement!  It was so much fun to watch her enjoy herself.

 And in true Keira fashion, she'd look over to see our reaction often....give a thumbs up or an I love you sign......

                              Such a fun, busy day so why not top it off with ice cream?!

      Keira continues to love school and is doing wonderful!  Yesterday we received her first progress report with comments about her being a joy to have in class, how she is eager to learn and make friends.....we are so proud of her!  I was also able to sit in on Levi's classes recently and was so excited to see the progress he is making.  He proudly walked around, checking to make sure I was following, showing me his school and leading me to speech class.  He loves to have a sense of control, and he seems to be thriving in an environment that is so structured and predictable for him.  He sat for 30 minutes....THIRTY minutes people.....and followed instructions, working hard and producing many sounds and words.  Sometimes it drives me crazy that he has to work SO hard at the littlest things....because in my opinion so much of that was preventable.....but it also makes me so proud of how determined and diligent he is.  How resilient.

    As I reflected on the day yesterday, I reminded Luke how just a few months prior we were collapsing into bed around 11, just finally having gotten everyone to sleep or at least in bed without tears.  Anything new and out of routine typically brought with it strong behaviors and feelings....and I really couldn't have thought about much more than the day before me.  Now our biggest issues are occasional moodiness and the tidying of one's room when they are supposed to be in bed....seriously?  We are so blessed!!  And I am excited about this new season....going to events at school, watching soccer games and being a part of a whole new aspect of life that  we were oblivious to with two toddlers.  Each child has their special interests and personalities that have already taught us so much and opened our eyes to things we never would have given a second glance.  It's so much fun to be a part of and I'm so thankful for this new season that we can all enjoy together!  



  1. It is so inspiring to read and feel the joy you are experiencing! Let us not lose track of the innocence and wonder children bring into our lives...their laughter is contagious I hope.

  2. Thank you! Yes, indeed it is :) Such a great reminder to enjoy the little things and one another!