Sunday, March 8, 2015

Meet The McBride Family!

          March marks our second doTerra adoption fundraiser and I am so excited about the possibilities to help this family!  Below is a brief summary of their story, which can also be found here.

BLAKE for the McBride family — NC

McBrideAshton and Tony have been together for 6 years. They have 2 beautiful children and always knew adoption would be a part of their story. So when they made the decision to start the adoption process they thought it would take a long time and were open to several countries. They soon learned about “waiting children” and their life was changed. They had decided on a country and started the process to find their child and every time they visited Reece’s Rainbow, they were drawn to one particular little boy, listed online as “Blake”. The problem was this little boy, with beautiful curly brown hair and gorgeous brown eyes who captured their heart, was not in the country they thought they were adopting from. So for a while they kept looking. As time went by, they could not forget this little boy and continued praying that “his family” would find him and want him as badly as they did. After a few months, they knew they had to make the call to his agency to see if it was possible for them to qualify for his country and were elated to find out they qualified!
A few days after reviewing his file and prayerfully seeking direction, Ashton was contacted by a woman who was in Eastern Europe meeting her son. She shared her story of meeting this wonderful little boy with spina bifida, and how this little guy asked her if she knew where his mommy and daddy were. A few weeks later she went back to the orphanage and the nuns told him that the lady was going to America to find his mommy and daddy. This little boy put his hands together and prayed for his mama and daddy. This happened to be the same day Ashton and Tony asked to see his file. For them this was a sign that it was meant to be.
God has moved mountains and continues to show this family that this is the path they are supposed to be taking; this is the little boy that will change their world and brighten their days.
Every day that it takes them to get to his country is another day that he is losing hope that he will have a family. But he has a brother and sister and parents that love him so much! The McBride family hopes that they can continue to move through the process quickly and bring this amazing little boy home to so much love and happiness.
Thank you so much for taking the time to read their story, sharing their story and praying for them. Thank you so much for being a part of their journey and if you feel led; please make a tax deductible donation to help them bring their son, soon to be named Owen, home.
Please help them bring home their son where he will receive the therapies he needs and the love of a family he deserves.
         What is really exciting about this is that the family has just found out they have a $900 matching grant available to them!  So every dollar raised during this fundraiser will be doubled!  All of the profits from my doTerra store for the month of March will go towards this family's adoption and towards this matching if you've been wanting to place an order, now is the time!!  Here's a link to the fundraiser event, or you can check out my store here!  And if you plan to place an order, be sure to ask about ways to save!

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