Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Big Reveal

         This necklace was made for me when we were in the adoption process...thinking we were adopting two girls, the beads signified two girls and two boys in a nest.  I love it....Caleb had a funny obsession with it, always wanting me to wear it.  We weren't really sure why God allowed it to work out so that we only adopted one, but we trust that He knew best and we can see many reasons why this may be now.  But, I stopped wearing the necklace....and Caleb recently asked me to wear it, and wondered why I never do...  Well today, when we heard the news, this necklace came to mind, and I thought, now I can wear it and it will be true!  Two girls and two boys.....we could not be happier!  We piled the whole family into the small ultrasound room (much to the techs dismay) and just as she finished telling us there was no guarantee she would be able to tell us the gender, she was able to tell us it was a girl!  Everyone filed out after that so we weren't trying to contain the craziness throughout the rest of the ultrasound, but it was fun to find out together.  It's so amazing to see....and I was in awe at the details....such a miracle!  Now starts the planning and preparing for this next stage of life!

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