Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Two Years Home - Celebrating Gotcha Day!

        It's always the same story.....feels like he has been here forever, can't recall life without him, and yet surprise at the fact that it could be two years!  Being in Russia seems like another lifetime...the little boy that was carried into the room and seemed so much smaller than I had imagined seems like a different boy than our son today.

Our first day with Levi (then Vanya) in October 2012

Gotcha Day - January 21, 2013

            He is so much the same in many ways....ready and eager for adventure, attention, silliness...and then for cuddles and love.  Basically, he can be a crazy man and then the sweetest, most lovable boy ever : )  It's crazy to imagine that last year at this time he wasn't walking on his own much like a baby still in many ways.

           He's made so much progress in this last year...always slow, but steady.  He has to be ready on his own....confident in his ability...before he will really try.  To watch him do a puzzle with ease, or walk up and down the stairs still makes me so proud of him.  Everything has been a much harder for him to master than for most.  And now we're finally hearing more and more of his voice....imitating us on his own without so much prompting....a few times now even putting two or three words together on his own!  It's so exciting to see.  I know how smart he is....I know that there is so much he wants to much that he knows though it appears to others that he does much frustration coming out in the form of behaviors that are not so highly desired......and I can only imagine how difficult it is.  And yet, most of the time he is incredibly happy....full of life and joy and eager to keep up with his big brother and sister.  


       He's still such a peanut despite the fact that he eats and eats and eats.  And though one of his biggest obsessions remains playing with his tools and "fixing" things, he has a newer love of being nurturing and caring for his stuffed dog as if he is a baby.  And I think that he will love the opportunity to be a big brother.  He is so sweet and (usually) gentle with little babies....concerned when they cry, and wanting to meet their needs.  I'm so excited to hear more of this little one's voice and to see him grow into his new role this coming year.  He truly is a miracle!!

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