Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Sharing Oils

    Okay, I'm going to ramble a little more about these essential oils.  Let me just say, this is so not like me to jump on board with something and then want to share it so much with others.  But this is just different.  It's been so amazing to see the results and changes we've experienced!  I am not exaggerating when I saw that I have not touched the medicine cabinet since I started with these oils in September.....no tylenol, ibuprofen....sudaphed...nothing.....not for me, not for the kids.  And whereas last year, we were at the doctors constantly...catching everything that went around....this year we've been so much more healthy.  I'm the farthest from a businessperson there is.....I really mean that....many times I've ended up giving things away for free that I'm supposed to be selling, or apologetically insisting people do not have to buy something.  That's so not what this is about....I do not want to be another person trying to push something on someone else, or trying to get you to spend your money!  But I am way too excited about how these are changing our lives to not share!

    There's been a huge bonus too.....while I've been using the oils for one purpose, they started to help in others.  I realized recently that my typically split fingertips (starting with the slightest bit of cool weather in the fall) are...well...not!  I realized that because I'm applying the oils with my fingers so frequently, it has probably made this huge difference.  Something I'd really given up on.....I'd tried every lotion, every "proven or your money back" product for splitting fingers and nothing ever worked.  Another thing I just decided I had to live with, and now I'm realizing more and more that I don't!

    I tend to have the weirdest problems which often results in repeated doctors visits or just dealing with whatever the problem is for fear of the former....one recurring problem is that I get cysts often on my face, and have had to have two surgically removed.  Whenever they appear, I start to stress that it may require another surgery.  This time, I checked what oil may help, applied some thyme for about a week and.....gone!  Sure it may come back as they often do, but now I have a simple remedy at my fingertips....and more options if that happens to not work the next time!

    We've done so well health wise this winter, and then this sudden blast of sickness hit just about everyone we knew.....like every member of our family that we were surrounded by at Christmas time.  Caleb started first......cold symptoms.....and I thought this may be it.  I applied the oils diligently, put some peppermint in the humidifier, gave him some honey and again within a few days he was already almost back to himself!  No bad cough, no sleepless nights.....a little stuffy yes.....not quite himself yes.....but what a huge difference this has made.  Coughs used to linger at least a couple of weeks around here and we've really managed to skip that step altogether!  Levi caught it too and was a bit more stuffy, but again within a few days, he was so much better.  All of us ended up with some mild symptoms, but nothing that slowed us down or really took a toll.
     Okay, one last way I'm using them.......I made a facial scrub a while back with coconut oil, Epsom salt and some lemon essential oils.  I absolutely love it, and the best part is how cheap it is!  I've never been one to buy a lot of products, especially any beauty type products, mostly because I'm cheap and they're expensive...but also because whenever I do, my skin breaks out or I just don't like it.  So the other day I saw a blog post about a moisturizer.....with the same coconut oil base, but with a few drops of frankincense, lavender and peppermint oils (each soo good for you in so many ways!).  I made my first batch tonight.......my entire family was literally smelling my face....weird I know, but it smells that good.  And it feels incredible.  I thought it would feel super oily and was a little hesitant, but it doesn't....it's incredibly smooth and for the first time this week, (with these frigid temperatures!) my skin doesn't look dry.

     I'm telling you, the possibilities are endless.  I'm sure I've only discovered a small fraction of what is to come.  We are very blessed to have good health insurance, where we don't have to pay copays.....but I remember a time when we did and I keep thinking how much I wish I knew about these oils then!  To be able to find solutions (and safe, natural ones!) in my own home that really work, is priceless.  I'm not saying oils will take away all sickness.  That's unrealistic.  But using more natural products all around, including the oils, has made a huge difference in our lives.  The differences are so exciting.  The things I'd given up on, the things I'd just learned to live with, are no longer things I have to live with!!

    What about you?? Are there things that you deal with on a daily basis?  Things you've decided you just have to live with?  I've already shared some oils with some of you, but I'm really more than happy to share samples, so please feel free to ask.  I wish I had been able to try some samples when I was interested, but still very hesitant, so this is my way to help you.  If you have questions or want to try some, please send me an email at karissacruse@hotmail.com.  I'd love to set up a day to be at Panera or someplace local for a couple of hours and give out samples of your choosing etc. or just meet up one one one, so let me know!

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