Monday, January 19, 2015

Meet The Wetherington Family!

      I am SO excited to introduce you to the Wetherington Family!  They are currently on their third adoption within the past two years, and are working to bring home two kiddos now.  There's a sense of urgency due to necessary medical treatment for one of the children they're adopting, which makes it challenging for fundraising purposes....but God is faithful and we know firsthand that no matter how impossible or challenging things seem, when He calls us, He equips us.

      This family is allowing me the opportunity to start something that has been on my heart for a while now.....a chance to help other adoptive families raise funds.  I've spent the last four months or so learning about essential oils and putting them to the truest test by using them in our daily lives, and decided to jump on board fully.  So....for the next 30 days all profits from my doTerra store will be going directly to the Wetherington family's adoption!  They will be sharing with their friends and family, and have a created a group here if you'd like to join in!  I'll be posting information and tips daily and will be happy to serve as a resource to guide people and help them to find what may work for them.  Anyone who places an order in these next 30 days will be entered to win a personalized gift (details in the group), and I will be sharing about some promotions and other opportunities.  We'd love for you to join us, and to keep this family in your prayers as they follow God's leading!!

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