Thursday, January 15, 2015

Adopting From Ukraine?

         Are you or someone you know considering adopting from Ukraine?  One of the things I initially found most overwhelming was how we would ever find a trustworthy facilitator to help us with our adoption.  I really did not want to use an agency this time around, if possible, but it seemed impossible to trust someone in another country that I had never met and knew nothing about.  I stumbled across this site for Ukraine Christian Adoptions and so wanted to jump on board....but I was still so hesitant....until, just when I was about to close out the page, I noticed a reference from a family in our state.  RI being so small, I put their name into facebook and sure enough we had some mutual friends.  So I reached out to them, and they were more than happy to share what a wonderful experience they had and what godly men these facilitators were.  Adoption is not easy....but I cannot imagine having gone through it with anyone else.  They were efficient and always ready to respond to my millions of never ending questions.  They were so knowledgeable and helpful with everything....and then when we were in country?  I was a mess that first trip....I can't imagine not having worked with someone who shared our beliefs....who I knew was praying for and with us.  I knew we were just where God wanted us...yet I struggled.....but what a comfort to have them working with us.  So if you have somehow stumbled upon this page as I did their site....please feel free to contact me, or them....and know you could not be in better hands.  Right now our facilitator is offering a special for five more families in 2015.....ANY number of siblings, for no additional cost.  No it is not too good to be is about getting these children home...finding families for as many as possible...and answer God's call to care for the orphans and defend the cause of the fatherless!

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