Thursday, December 4, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

Okay so it's a little hard to see....we's a bigger version

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From November 13, 2014

     Today we told the kids we are pregnant.  The plan was to tell them after our appointment on Tuesday but it turned out to be a crazy day and everyone was not in the best of moods so we decided there was no rush.  I've been fairly apprehensive about telling them.  Here were my assumptions.....child A would not understand what on earth we were talking about, child B would be very excited....though possibly swayed by the reaction of child C.....Child C would either be happy or very very upset, and maybe set back from recent progress.

        So today was going very well......I had the chance to sleep in (what?!) and was not woken up repeatedly throughout the night due to bad dreams etc. which was really only the second night in the past two months that this miracle has occurred.  I woke up to find Levi off at school already and a substitute in my classroom.  (this is not home school reality, I assure you there is no such thing as sick days or substitutes).  Luke had decided to start school and the kids seemed to be enjoying the "silliness" as they put it....despite repeated reminders from one child that "that is not how mommy does it!"  I was so excited that I ate my breakfast and sat down on the couch...totally unheard of.  I did receive some crazy looks for that one, but figured I'd take advantage : )  I watched as they completed an art project started days prior, with great care and attention to protesting, just enjoying being creative.  Amazing.  The morning continued in this surreal way, so when Levi's bus pulled up (with a note in his backpack about his spitting and kicking on the bus - we'll ignore this one hiccup for the day), we decided it was a good time to share the news.

       We brought out the gifts (two of which I had bought a year and a half ago when I thought this may be a possibility) and had them open them one at a time.  A shirt for Keira that said "Big sister Keira"......she loved it.  And one for Caleb..."Big brother Caleb."  And then Levi's......"Guess hoooo is a big brother too! Levi."  Wow!  They were excited.....about the t-shirts.  They had no clue.  How is Levi a big brother we asked them?  Confused looks.  Caleb's rational was, "because he's three!"  Okay so we had to tell them....a few times.....that we are having a baby, but hey the shirts were a nice perk!

         Levi cried and put himself in what looked like a timeout.  He really just wanted makes him sooo hungry.  Caleb jumped around cheering and rolled around on the couch.  Keira squealed, declared it "so cute" in her adorable English, and thanked us!  Good thing I was so worried.  Someday....someday I'll learn.  There were promises to help, and I was then treated like a queen the entire carrying the diaper bag, no carrying Levi, no this, no that.  It did bring up some sad memories that were talked through later in the day, but was really a great opportunity to have a heart to heart chat.

         I really felt nervous when we found out......there'd already been so much change around here...and we were still really struggling in a lot of ways.  I just kept thinking it was sort of crazy timing....but also kept reminding myself that each time I've thought the timing of things was off, God showed me that it was actually perfect.  His perfect timing.  I can already see what a blessing this timing share something as a family that none of us have experienced before the other or without the other.....all together we are on this journey for the first time.  And of course it goes without saying, the precious life that will make our family complete is an incredible blessing.  (Yes, I said complete.  Of course what I say is partially meaningless, but hey....we can have plans...God will determine what actually happens anyway.)

        So here's the vote.....
Caleb - boy (which is surprising since he has asked us for a big sister and then little sister for the past couple of years)
Keira - girl (she loves her brothers but already has two so it'd be nice to have a sister, and she wants her to sleep on the bottom bunk - we'll see how that goes over once the baby is actually old enough if the baby is a girl)
Levi - an emphatic NO to both boy and girl when asked....followed by a nodding yes for both boy and girl...and the cycle repeats.

       So if you thought our lives couldn't get any crazier.....neither did we!  But here we go on the next journey!  

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  1. Praise the LORD!!! And congrats!! That is such AWESOME news! God's timing is always SO perfect and He is SO good to His children. He is sovereign over everything and He gives the BEST gifts. Rejoicing with you all and merry, merry Christmas--The Stearns' Family