Monday, November 3, 2014

National Adoption Month

       So it's National Adoption Month, and while I realize that's all I ever talk about, I couldn't go without mentioning this.  I'll never forget where I was at on October 31, 2011 after a few months of God putting adoption on my heart.  I. Was. Done.  I was overwhelmed, and decided that we could really still just close the door.  We hadn't really shared openly with many people, and it was just too hard.  Despite God's constant prying on my heart, and the fact that I literally woke up and went to sleep thinking about it, I had my mind set.....we just couldn't adopt.

      Well, the next morning was naturally November 1st.  I had never been aware that it was national anything month in the past, but I very quickly learned that first day.  There were billboards as we drove down the programs.....contestants on tv programs that had nothing to do with adoption talking about how they were was out of control.  Needless to say, for the first of many times to come, my plans, my desires and my idea of what was best flew out the window.

      So often people commend us for adopting our children....and typically share the reasons why they could never do so.  I may just top all of you in the list of reasons why we shouldn't, couldn't, or just weren't going to.  Because we're just like everyone else.....we're just ordinary people....we haven't done anything incredible....we aren't amazing.....I promise.  We're two very human, often selfish, people who have our own plans for what we want our life to look like.  But that's the thing....this isn't about never has been.  I assure you, the only reason anyone is even slightly compelled to read the updates on this blog is because of the way God has changed hearts, provided every step of the way (x two), equipped us (in a million ways), put so many people in our path to support us, chosen two incredible children for us to have the privilege of loving, taught us to step out in faith, been forever faithful, kept His promises, moved mountains, and taught us so many other lessons that have forever changed our lives - for the WAY better.

    The reason why I share this when I think of National Adoption Month is because I think so many people are so quick to believe the lie that they just can't adopt.....and to focus on all of those reasons (like I did).  It doesn't even us have to be adoption.  Hosting programs are currently recruiting families to give a child the opportunity to have a family this come here and experience the love of a family for maybe the first time....and possible even the last.  I know one of the most common questions about hosting is if it's really fair....or worth just have a child come for such a short time.  There are SO many reasons why it's beyond worth it....but let me just say this......our daughter was told so many many lies.......that she's crazy, that she's not beautiful or valuable, that we wouldn't love her, that she'd never be able to kiss a boy or get married or have a baby.....basically anything that would damage her......that would take away any hope and any possibility of a future with happiness.  In six weeks......six can see the load taken off of her shoulders as we reveal the truth to her when she tells us each lie.  As she's realized she is beautiful.....precious......loved forever...our daughter forever......and that she has hope and a future.  She's giddy, and it'd evident.  Six weeks.  So yes......4-6 weeks of hosting a child could change their lives forever, even if the only thing you do is help them to understand the truth about who they are.

     It's never about us...."our hands our empty" on our own....and  God's "not dependent on any mortal man".......but if we want to live life abundantly and truly follow what He's commanded us to do, it may require us to step way out of our comfort zone and do something even when we have a list a mile long as to why we shouldn't.  It doesn't have to be can fill in what God's tugging on your heart about....


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