Tuesday, September 9, 2014


         Phew....it's been a whirlwind today.  Our excitement over our family being reunited tomorrow turned to despair when the US embassy went back on their word and are now making them wait until next week to return.  They claim their employees don't make mistakes....that they are thorough and not wrong...ever.  I wish they could have looked at our daughter sobbing as they said that.  I wish we could give them the bill for changing tickets yet again.  I wish so many things and feel so helpless....frustrated at how unnecessary this is...how unfair.  But....deep down....I do know, and I do trust that God is in control.  That He knew this would happen.  That there is a bigger picture that we just can't see...may not ever see....and that we just have to wait...and rest in Him.  My feelings are all over the place... but I'm thankful for what I know to be true....for His promises, and for the overwhelming number of those praying for us, and sending words of wisdom that I so needed to hear today.

         I kept telling myself it's one week and we have the rest of our lives together....I know it could be worse...is almost silly to be so distraught over when you think of those really suffering....but that little girl's face that bore her heartbreak just brings me back to all those feelings all over again.  I worried at first about the boys...more time away from their daddy...they've started to be a little more sensitive...not quite themselves.  I feared how Caleb would respond after all of our excitement about tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow!!!  His response?  Well....even though we can't see them for a few more days, we can still see them on skype!  So after my four year old responded better than me, I was a bit humbled.  We skyped half the day, showing Keira every nook and cranny of the house and hearing all that daddy has been teaching her.  So precious.

    And I'm reminded again of what I've been trying to remember all the time....that everything is a gift..... and so I'll focus on the things that I have to be thankful for.....

           a husband willing to spend the time to teach his daughter
                  a daughter who is diligent and eager to learn
                            the quality time and bonding they're experiencing
                                skype and the many laughs and silly moments we have together
                                     two sweet boys to keep me super busy
                                          Luke's work being so incredibly supportive and understanding
                                               more time to get projects done so we have more time together
                                                    siblings who are already enjoying each other's company
                                                         opportunities to teach our children how to react in difficult situations

                                               .....and still keep praying for a miracle.


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