Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Ready or Not!

         We started school on Monday....well, sort of.  We're doing a shortened version for the first week, to ease everyone back in (and give me time to prepare since that has yet to where did the summer go...that time I was supposed to have to plan out half the year in advance?!).  Turns out it was a good decision.  Levi screamed through pretty much the entire day one.  Day two was considerably better, and day three wasn't at home....yup, my little big boy went to his school for the first time today.  He had no idea what was happening this morning, but I was making a big deal out of it, so he was cheering!

And looovvinnngg his giraffe backpack.  His favorite animal. 

                                  I had to act excited each time he pointed at cute.

                                  Loving the tag with his name on it with trucks, his second love.

Then things went downhill.  I put the bag on his back and...well...he started to fall backwards.  Poor kid.  He's come so far and he's got the walking, and even running down.  But holding bags on his back that weigh just about as much as him is a little much.  

He was mad and threw it on the floor.  End of backpack obsession. 

*      *     *

So I dropped him off for his first day, with my little camera in hand....the woman saw it and asked if it was his first day.  She let me pull around to park so I could take him in which was sweet.  The teacher took his bag and commented on the weight....I wanted to explain that I only packed what they told us to send, but just kept quiet.  I took a couple of terrible pictures of his back as he looked around and wouldn't stop moving and said goodbye.  He didn't even look back....there were kids everywhere and so much to see, of course not!

Then we drove away....and I cried.  I was seriously not expecting that.  It's two mornings, for just a few hours.  Caleb and I went to do the grocery shopping, and it was just weird.  So I guess I'm still not a fan of change.  But it sure made me more grateful for all of the time we do have together.....and seeing him on the bus as it pulled up in front of the house was so much fun.  He.Loved.It.  He was so excited to show it to me.  He pointed at it and made me watch as it drove away.   

Caleb kept saying "I hope Levi's having fun at school" as we did our shopping.  I hope so too.  

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