Saturday, September 20, 2014

Just A Glimpse....

           Not much has gone as planned these past few weeks.....or at least not as we planned....but really, not much of that matters now anyway.  Being altogether feels amazing...and so surreal.  I remember waking up each day when I'd just had Caleb, realizing I really had a baby boy sleeping in the next room, and feeling so incredibly excited all over again each time.  It was the same when Levi came home, and again now....we are so very blessed.

            Wednesday Caleb and I danced around excitedly, knowing we were finally going to be picking up daddy and Keira....we left earlier than necessary because we just didn't know what to do with ourselves.  Probably not the best idea when you're going to be waiting in an airport with two toddlers who are typically napping at that time and were already up early.  Oh well!

   It took over an hour after they'd gotten off the plane for them to finally come through the doors....but suddenly there was our girl running towards us, and Caleb running to her........ (unfortunately I had the old crappy camera and Luke was using the nice one to video so the pictures are a bit fuzzy)

        So many priceless, precious much to be thankful for.  Caleb wanted to move his car seat in the back with Keira so we re-arranged the seats and made our way home.  There was insane traffic at that point but despite dealing with the motion sickness, Keira was all smiles, and we heard giggling all the way so sweet.

                               We finally made it home.....not much is more exciting than this!

      It was already pretty late so it was basically a blur of running around trying to show her the house, Caleb pulling her in a million directions to show her everything, and finally sitting down to dinner as a family.  No one ate was a race to finish so we could play!

          Meme and Pops came over for a quick visit, which Keira was ecstatic about, and then it was time for bed.  Caleb begged for a sleepover....and I think we were all too tired to argue...or really mind at all....

       We thought we would all have the greatest nights sleep of our lives.....but that didn't happen.  Just as we drifted off to sleep, Caleb woke with a bad dream which woke Keira who was in a panic not knowing what on earth was wrong (I know, right after my post about his "magic" remedy....which this distracted mom has not been remembering to give consistently).  I picked him up and took him out of the room, brought him downstairs and.....the doorbell rang.  It was after naturally I started to panic.  I ran up, Caleb still crying in my arms, and woke Luke who had finally gotten to sleep after over 24 hours of travel.  The doorbell then rang again...and again.  It turned out that no one was there, of course, the doorbell just randomly decided to malfunction.  So Luke pulled apart the wires, I got Caleb and Keira back to sleep and we crashed again.  Until 5 something in the morning when Caleb and Keira were reading books and doing shadow puppets on the wall because they just "couldn't sleep."  Whose idea was a sleepover on the first night home?!!!  We thought we took care of it....and all went back to sleep...but really we didn't apparently.  I woke up at 8 to find two children in the playroom, and Caleb informed me they were up at 6.  They had toys set up everywhere and were having a blast......

       Suddenly Keira kept asking me if Levi was going to school and I was trying to explain that he only goes twice a week.  She was pretty insistent and pointed outside where his bus was sitting.  Um..what?!  Now I'm second guessing what day it is, fumbling to get my shoes on.....apparently no one ever told the bus driver/aid that he only goes two days a yeah they must have been coming every day.  And such has been the chaos of the past few days.....but good chaos really!

                                         *                                   *                            *

      Can I just say, for the first time out of probably thousands to come, that if you ever feel inclined to believe the lie about having to maintain birth order.....just don't!  I think the hardest part is the ache in your heart for all of the lost years....the ones that they missed, and you missed......for all of the ways they suffered and faced things they should never have had to face.  But otherwise.....just much joy and happiness....excitement and blessing after blessing.

       After cleaning up from breakfast, I walked into the playroom and did a double take.  Just a short time before, it seemed every toy had been taken out and now it was....almost clean?  Keira was running around putting things in their place like a mad woman.  Caleb was in the other room and Levi was making his escape at that moment.  I called them in to help, but at that point most of it was done.  The next game was Keira pushing Caleb and Levi around on their ride on toy.  She made sure to give fair, evenly timed turns to each of them....loving their squeals of joy, and laughing at their requests for "more more more."  Every time we get in or out of the car, she races to buckle and un-buckle the boys and carry Levi around.  I thought having three kids was supposed to be more work! 

       Since the weather was a bit warmer and fall seems to be in a rush around here, we went for a quick swim and meme and pops.  I think we had a conversation the first day we met her about Meme and Pops having a pool and she pretty much asked every day since when she could go in it.  She jumped right in as the rest of us shivered just thinking about much fun to watch her enjoying herself!   

            We've gone for a few bike rides already....she's a pro...and super excited about her bike, helmet, bell and water bottle.....she may just tell you about it when she meets you :)

      Building with Levi at the library.....I think she was skeptical when we went for a walk to the library......"book, book, book, book..?"  We tried to explain there was a children's room, but it was best to just wait and let her see......

          We showed her the baby bunnies that were born in our yard via skype, so she's been so excited to see them in person......

        Futbol!!!!!!!!!  Soccer is her she was very happy to see this at the playground....

                      Trip to the this point I felt like Luke and I really weren't needed.... : )

         We've tried to soak in this time together as a family, before Luke heads back to work and reality tonight......and it's been amazing.  It's flown by and I know it will probably continue to.  I had some time to take her out to pick up a few things she needed as well, which was so sweet.  Mother/daughter crazy that I'm getting to experience this blessing!!   The whole time she just kept saying I love you mama, over and over.  She'd say "family" and hold her hands to her heart......I would agree, and tell her how happy I am to have a daughter.  Really, incredibly, happy....and again in awe of all that God has done to bring us to this place.........

20Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, 21to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.


  1. How exciting! Thank you so much for sharing your first few days together!! How much English does Keira have? It sounds like quite a bit- what a great head-start!

  2. Wow- inspiring what God has done through you. It seems God gave Luke and Keira some extra bonding time. He has a perfect plan.

  3. I've read this three times now because I couldn't get enough. It made me want to cry. What a beautiful heartwarming story. Enjoy every second because time flies! ! XO

  4. Thanks Melanie! Not much, but she's a quick learner! Thank you Mr. Hopton, and for all your support along the way! Thanks so much Rhonda...hope we'll see you at the party in a few weeks and you can meet her! :)