Monday, September 1, 2014

Fall Consignment Sale!

           It always seems like we've just done this, but here we are at another Fall Consignment Sale!  This year is a little different.....while the kids sale is still going on, adult clothing will be brought in for Saturday and Sunday!  So this is not just a kids sale anymore!  We are participating again this fall to cover some additional adoption expenses that we still have, however the above consignor flyers are NOT for us.  Another local family is on the journey of adopting from U, and are consigning in an effort to raise funds for their adoption.  These flyers have their consignor number on them.....if you plan to go and happen to buy something, this is the easiest way for you to support their adoption at no cost or effort on your part.  Simply turn in one of these flyers and each one will serve as an entry for this family to win 100% of their sales!  At our first sale, an overwhelming number of you turned these in and we won the 100% so we know it's possible!  Thank you so so much for your help as always : )  

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