Saturday, September 6, 2014

"Break Our Hearts For What Breaks Yours....Everything We Are For Your Kingdom's Cause"

    I've so been wanting to post an update of how things are going in U.....of Gotcha Day and all that has happened!  But not being there...and not knowing many of the details has deterred me.  Skype is amazing and it's been wonderful to get to talk as a family, but with kids screaming and jumping with excitement, it's hard to get much of a word in : )  This morning I woke to a post from my husband...with some of his perspective on his time there....and so here is his blog debut:

                                        *                              *                               * 

     I don't blog but I guess I can do a really long post. It is our first day where we get to just relax and hang out because all offices are closed on the weekend and we couldn't get anything done if we wanted to. It has been a very busy time since the minute we got here. A lot of running around the country from region to region and office to office getting everything in order. The other day we were in a restaurant and the waiter dropped a glass, it crashed loudly to the floor and shattered everywhere. My daughter turned to me with a concerned look on her face and in Russian said "It's not my fault". This country is changing but has long been a culture of blame, mostly placed on those that cannot stand up for themselves. There are those that want to change things and dream of a day when they can be a society like America, that strives for truth and justice for all or so they think. Even those few are becoming discouraged though as the west stands by and let's the Neo-Hitler destroy lives, homes and countryside for the sake of displaying dominance and power. I try to avoid political discussions on facebook because it mostly ends up in stupid comments but I can't help but voice my concern for the many beautiful children just like my daughter stuck in eastern Ukraine, living in fear with no chance of ever having a family or anything remotely like what so many in the US take for granted. I haven't really had a moment to process this whole thing and as I type my tear soaked eyes can't focus on the screen. Every time we would visit the orphanage where she lived kids familiar with my translator would come up and ask him "Did you find a family that wants me yet." He would have to say SORRY and NO. I don't know the right answers, I don't even know half of the right questions but I do know that we as a people need to do more for orphans, it's between you and God whether it's in your hometown or across the world. I recently looked at my life and didn't see much Christlike actions, I thought "Man I really suck at being a Christian". I don't feed the hungry, I don't give water to the thirsty, I don't share my home with the homeless, I don't clothe the naked, I don't care for the sick and I definitely don't visit those in prison. So I prayed long and hard and instead of God showing me how I could do those things in my life, which is what I was asking, he showed me that I am.... through adoption. Although I can't do one of those things for everyone, I can do everyone one of those things for one everyday. I try to say this in the most humble way possible, I am not sure if it comes out that way but I assure you of my intentions. If you want to know what God wants of you, the list is above. Stop asking and remember that there are many ways to accomplish it, adoption is certainly one of them. I love every one of you reading this, and I really do mean it. I love all people, I might not ever visit your fb page, like something, or write you a message but I care for each and everyone of you and thank you for your support and prayers through the growth of our family. From Ukraine With Love - or Russia....still to be decided. Too soon!?!?

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