Monday, September 22, 2014

A little more to share....

      There's a few questions that we've been getting over and over, so I figured I would answer them here...and share just a bit more.  The first question has been about her's pronounced k-ear-a.  So funny that the name she chose turned out to be one with a somewhat confusing spelling....I think she's pretty used to it already, but she doesn't always respond to the variations we've heard : ) she doesn't speak English....she speaks Russian.  How do we communicate is always what we get next....valid questions!  We do a lot of charades (she's the best at this!), mixed with my broken Russian and her continually progressing English.  She has several words and picks up on things quickly, but overall we're pretty much at square one.  Caleb and Keira do pretty well communicating with each other too, playing for periods of time without any trouble at all.....though their conversation in the car the other day went something like this....

Caleb: Keira, can you do that again?
 Keira: ne ponimayu (I don't understand)
Caleb: Keira, can you do that again?
Keira: ne ponimayu 
       x 3
  followed by simultaneous: 
 Keira: ne ponimayu, ne ponimayu, ne ponimayu x 20
Caleb: aldkfja;ldskjfalskjdf;laksdjfasdjfkajdsfkjadskj

    Yes, we are homeschooling her as well.  Today was our first day, and I was really impressed with how well it went.  We're doing kindergarten with Caleb this year so I figured it was a good way to ease her into things and focus on learning the language to do the same with her...just for now.  She did amazing...repeating everything we were saying...reading the sight words as I pointed to them for Caleb to read them (!!!)....counting with us.....and when it was time for Caleb to read us a book, she wanted to read one too.  Umm....okay?!  I pulled out two books from our set and Caleb read first...Keira whispering the words on the other side of me as Caleb read.  And then she read hers....I mean she really read the book!  Sure she didn't know what the words meant for the most part, but she read the book with amazing accuracy. (and for those who haven't yet realized, the Russian language is made up of a completely different alphabet..with some letters looking the same as ours but having completely different sounds)  I was thinking I was pretty spoiled at that point!  

     The last question we get often is when can we meet her?!  So many of you have been so instrumental in this process....sooo many!  And we so want for you to meet our daughter just as much as you want to meet her.  You will love her....and she will love you because that's just who she is.  There's so much we've learned about adoption and the transition for these amazing kids.....some of it we've followed, some we haven't...I think it depends a whole lot on the child, but no matter what some of it always holds true.  They need time... time to adjust, to attach, to learn what it means to be a learn the daily routines and then the slight changes within those routines.  We've done a lot already....been out and about, but as a family, and making sure we don't stay out too long....making sure we're home to be able to work on maintaining consistency.  So that she can start to know what to expect, at least most of the time.  It's a process....and she's incredible....and adjusting wonderfully....but it's still hard.  Sunday Luke went back to work and things in our few days together as a family shifted slightly.....Luke wasn't there when the kids went to sleep.  Caleb and Levi loveee their daddy....but they know sometimes he works late...and they know he'll be there in the morning.  We still need time to build that trust with our sweet be show her that learning to be a family is a process and she doesn't have to have it all figured out right away.  So for a while we may have to say no to some really great opportunities....we may have to stay in a little more, have company a little less....I may take ten years to respond to your messages/texts/calls (which btw my phone hasn't been working properly - working on getting a new one so I'm so sorry if I haven't even received your call/text/message)......the house may have to be a mess for a while, and the papers everything may pile up....but we promise, you will meet her eventually....and you will love her! 

                                      Just a video I put together for her of some of our photos....

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  1. So happy for you guys…can't wait to experience the same. Thankful for you guys and your support of us, and praying for you guys to bond quickly, and for Keira to feel safe and secure in her family.