Monday, August 4, 2014

Two More Weeks

           We have been eagerly awaiting our court date and heard today that it will be Monday the 18th!  Just two more weeks!  We cannot wait to see our girl and to make this official.  Just praying that all of the paperwork is ready and there are no obstacles.  We will have to return home again for the 10 day wait before it will come into full legal effect, and then Luke will return to bring her home.  We're not entirely sure how long he will have to stay, but hopefully by the beginning of September we will all be home together...for good!  
             In the meantime we are busy continuing to prepare for her arrival.  Her room is just about ready, and now she even has a full closet!!  Friends of ours have so generously been giving us girls clothes for a while now...I think I have more bins of girls clothes than I do boys in our attic!  We know that between adopting, future plans to foster, as well as potentially having another baby, we will put these clothes to good use...and they will save us a fortune!  Most of the clothes were smaller sizes, but the other day our friends came over with more BAGS of clothes...most in O's size!  I never imagined that her closet would look like this before she even arrived home and we went shopping.  We are so blessed!!!   

              The dress hanging below still has the tags on it!  It's adorable and exactly her size.  We thought it would be perfect for court!  I wanted to find some shoes to go with it so we went to the mall the other night and found the ones in the photo.....$9.99 and I had a store credit from ages ago for $10.20.  Perfect!  

Family of five, here we come!!

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