Thursday, August 21, 2014

Little No More

            Our little guy is really not little anymore!  Today he turns three!  No more babies....I've said it before, but he's seeming really big these days so I think it's official.  No more early just a week a bus will be taking this little guy off to school two mornings a week.  No more letting anyone feed him...he's got it, regardless of what the end result looks like.  Three also means he is officially done wearing his dobbs bar to bed at night (woohoo!).  I can't believe this big boy is the same baby we held for the first time just a year and a half ago.  We went on a walk yesterday and he chose to push a ride on toy rather than be pushed, as Caleb rode his bike beside us.  I watched him running...pushing....steering... and just marveled at how far he has come.

       He is such a sweet lovable.....still blowing kisses to every stranger, friend and family member.  Still offering a kiss if he hears you say the word "ow," regardless of whether or not he's caused the pain.  He's also stubborn and persistent....determined to be independent and keep up with the big guys!

He loves to have fun and is willing to try most things!  He was climbing these rocks all on his own as we took these photos.....such determination no matter how hard he has to work at it. 

            He notices the little things....the details.....he watches with focused attention and we often find him doing things and wondering how on earth he knew to do them so perfectly.  He find joy in the small things.... picking the sole dandelion, smelling it....sharing it....  He stopped to watch an ant hole on our walk yesterday...stopped to pick up sticks...stopped to marvel at the pine cones starting to fall.  My initial reaction is to hurry him keep moving....and then I remember to fully enter each moment, and I'm so thankful for the way he reminds me.....

             He understands everything.  It may seem otherwise because he has such a limited vocabulary.                                                                            Don't be fooled.

He's pretty easy going most of the time.....put his hands on a tree limb, he'll hang there.  

Put him in a hole in a tree....he'll explore for hours if you let him.....

Sit him on a step.....boy the leaves and dirt are so much fun!

           I can't imagine my life without this precious one.....he is such a blessing in so many ways!
                                                Happy 3rd Birthday Levi Cruse!

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  1. He truly is a blessing to all who encounter can't help but just hug and squeeze him!