Tuesday, July 29, 2014

С Днем Рождения

      Today is our daughter's eleventh birthday.  I can just imagine how it would be if she were here....the boys eagerly making cards and preparing gifts....everyone wishing her a happy birthday.....cards lining the counters.....surprises ready to be shared.....candles to be blown out.....excitement and celebration to make this child feel special.  I wonder if she's ever known a day like this, and my heart aches that she can't experience this today.

       I am, however, blown away and full of gratitude over the way God has cared for this little girl more than we could have imagined in our absence.  Another family, adopting two children from the same place, have so kindly been investing their time with her as well.  Sending us updates, relaying messages.....calming her fears, and showing her a happy birthday video we made as a family yesterday.  I never imagined we'd be able to sing happy birthday to her, show her a couple of small gifts, and let her know once again that we love and miss her.....what a gift.

       I so badly want her to know that this day is so special....because she is.  That she is so loved by her family already, and so much more by her heavenly father who is orchestrating all of this for her.  I know we will have many years to do so and for that I am thankful.

                                                       С Днем Рождения O!

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