Friday, June 27, 2014

Time Multiplied

      Things are both chaotic and more efficient than ever around here.  Each day, for the past week or so, has felt like 5 days in one, and things are getting done that have been on my list for months.  Yesterday I stopped and tried to figure out what on earth was going on.  Nesting maybe?  The girls closet was painted, door on, painted, cleaned up.......laundry closet finished, wood that's been laying in the hall for months finally being used for it's purpose.  Air conditioners cleaned and put in, school papers finally organized and added to memory books...piles...oh the piles....of papers and random things sorted out and put where they belong.  Levi registered for school officially, in-case-we're-not-here-for-camp folder together, necklaces finished and shipped out, videos and pictures organized and camera ready to be filled with new members of our family!

      All this and still.....quality time to be together......time for the zoo, strawberry picking, friends......time for making paper airplanes and paper boats (thank goodness for you tube!).............

              Hours to watch the machines digging up our yard (sewer connection woohoo)......he literally watched for hours....from one window to the next, watching their every move.

Time to stop and notice the bunny and woodpecker, eating the straw in our yard side by side......

       And each time I started to feel crazy with how much needs to be done, and tempted to say "later" to requests to play and demands for attention, I so much more easily just stopped and enjoyed the time with them.  I've said countless times this past week as we've planned our days..."I just want to make sure we spend good quality time with them before we leave."  You'd think we were never coming back.  But when you're leaving, for who knows how long, two of the most precious people in your changes things.  You savor the moments leading up to your temporary goodbyes.  And when you're getting ready to bring home two more precious ones, it motivates get things have things that when they do come home, you can just be....together.  

      Don't let me mislead.....the house is a mess, projects are being done everywhere so closet doors are in the living room, the last air conditioner is left in pieces on the floor.....we haven't packed one.single.thing. and we leave in just a few days.  I've lost my patience, expressed my frustration and complained too many times.  But as I stopped yesterday and wondered what had changed.....why time seemed to slow down and multiply....I really wasn't sure.  And then I realized....nothing has really changed.....I'm still the easily overwhelmed and stressed out person, often too task oriented and focused on all there is to get done, I still have two busy boys, a house to clean, meals to cook, a list that keeps growing.....but maybe I'm just being more thankful for the time I'm given, and as a result I've been more purposeful.  I always want everything done yesterday, but because of what I know is coming so very soon in our lives, I've decided to be more in the moment than ever.....decided to work more efficiently at getting done what needs to be done, and spending more purposeful time with my boys because....well, I guess because, it's limited?  

      And again I feel like the slowesttttt learner ever.  Because how many times have I posted about gratitude, about being fully in each moment.....everything being a gift.  And yet, it continues to (slowly) hit me in different ways.  I don't want to experience this, to savor our time, just when something big is about to happen....just when we know our time together is limited (temporarily).  I want to live each day with gratitude and the fullest.  And the days that I've spent having my doubts about how we'll manage with even more to do, more lives to pour into....seem to drift further away.  The to-do-lists will always be here, the projects will never end, there will always be needs to meet.  But I've seen my time multiply when I've truly appreciated it, truly used it to the fullest.......and I see answers to prayer.  I see God teaching me and changing my heart, transforming my thinking and reminding me of where my focus should be in all things.

This is the day that the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it. Ps. 118:24

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