Saturday, June 21, 2014

The End of The Yard Sales

        Phew!  We certainly have had our share of yard sales these past few years, and we really cannot thank everyone enough for making these possible!!  To all who have donated items (many of you over and over again), donated your time to come and help, and to those who have come and purchased items or just added in donations so generously, THANK YOU!  I've tried to send out thank you's as things have come in, but I've been much less organized this year, so if we somehow forgot to send you one, please know that we appreciate you so very much and did not mean to overlook you!!

       Today was our final yard sale, and with all of the leftover items and some new things added in we made $485.70!!  This is such a blessing, and while we do not know exactly how much we will need altogether, we know that we have more than enough for the step we're on, and most likely for the rest of the process.

        Thank you so much to my Auntie Sharon who came yet again today (alllll day) to help, even when I told her time and time again that it was not necessary.  She is always there, without ever even having to ask, and works tirelessly.  We are so blessed with people like you in our lives Auntie!  And to my mom and dad who have taken our boys overnight every.single.yard sale.....we really couldn't have done it with them here, no matter how much we adore them!  And thank you so much to a few very generous friends who stopped by and paid 20x what their items cost, or just gave us a donation without buying anything.....we don't take it lightly how generous you all are and we are so thankful!!!

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