Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Growing Up

         It's official....our little boy is growing up.  I went to an IEP meeting for him this morning, as Luke and I have agreed to two mornings a week of preschool for him this fall.  I really went into the whole process of transitioning from EI to the school department just knowing that we would refuse a classroom and push for out patient services.  Of course I should have known that my "knowing" something was going to go one way was actually a key sign that the outcome would be much different.  We came to realize that these two mornings a week of integrated services within a classroom would actually leave more time for him to be home with us than would driving four children around to various out patient appointments throughout the week.  And so, six days after he turns three years old, he will begin school.  Just a baby really...  We really do think he'll enjoy it, and I feel we'll both benefit as I'm able to bring what he's doing at school into our home school lessons, geared just towards him.  The goals we discussed today reminded me both of how far he has come and how much more we need to work on.....but throughout whatever we discussed I really couldn't help but smile each time they shared something about him.  He just has developed so much personality, and as they'd share an observation, a weakness or a strength, I'd smile and think yup, that's Levi!

       In just a few days we'll reach our tipping point.....Levi will be home 17 months+, just more than the amount of time he spent in Russia.  It really seems like he's always been here, and when I think only 17 months, I marvel at all he's accomplished.  It's always been slow but steady.  He watches, studies, watches, studies and then attempts, often when there's the least pressure, when no one is looking.  But oh the progress.....as Caleb calls me again and again in the car to share every detail that he sees, Levi now competes..."Mama, MAMA!" And when I respond, "ohoiuagaoil" with pointing.  Caleb's just begun trying to put his own sneakers on.....Levi's right there trying along with him.  The big tunnel slide in our yard?  Caleb won't dare go down that big scary thing.  Levi climbs up all on his own and comes thumping down with delight.  He's now back to the stage of spitting out his food (which drives me crazy!) but this time it's pretty clear that he just has a preference!  Food is still incredibly important and can't come fast enough, but...hey....Caleb's eating that, why on earth am I eating this?!  He's becoming his own little individual, with personality and preferences, and an understanding that he has a voice and it is heard (oh is it heard!).  One of Caleb's main goals in life is to be silly and make people laugh.  And so Levi has begun to attempt the same....only at first, his attempts were…well…not funny.  It would be at the most inappropriate times, or you know…throwing his food on the floor.  But the other day, he had Caleb going….belly laughs…..and “Levi you’re so funny!”  I could see how proud he was.

      Watching your children learn, grow, develop.....make progress....it's fascinating.  And that each child is so unique makes it even more of a miracle to be a part of.  It's such a different journey with Levi than with Caleb, and I'm so so thankful for the differences......for two miracles so very different but both so very incredible.

      A couple weeks ago in pool group Levi was shivering as usual.....someone commented (as it's basically a sauna in there) and I said something like "Yeah, he gets cold so easily, especially when swimming after just a short time....I was always the same way as a kid."  I then proceeded to finish it up in my head with "and I guess that's totally irrelevant."  Because you know, you just associate similarities as something you've passed on.  Sometimes it just seems like a story....trips to meet our son, baby home, court, gotcha day....because he's just our son.  God has the BEST ideas.

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