Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Gardening 101....sort of

          So last year we tried our first very small garden....made up of store bought plants that were practically producing vegetables as soon as they hit the ground.  So this year, I decided to be a bit more ambitious and start from seeds.  I should add that I have no idea what I'm doing and the only house plant we have ever had went through a constant cycle of.....dying, put out in sun and water.....dying, put out in sun and water.  I finally threw it away.  But I was determined, found a great deal on 50 varieties of seeds (price has since gone up) and followed the RI guide....we started in March....and the guide doesn't account for crazy weather, so I lost a few plants, but surprisingly most survived!

           Caleb was excited to watch them grow and water least in the beginning.  He still refuses to allow a vegetable near him, never mind in his mouth......

            I have come to realize, however, that there is more to planting a garden than buying the seeds, discovering which are compatible/incompatible, mapping out which plant will go where, and watering them.  A couple of minor details that I hadn't even considered....maybe because I hadn't expected much when I started.  You have to know when to harvest them.  So my broccoli was growing huge and I started to see some great crowns....and then they turned into all these flowers.

           My thought was, great they're going to multiply into more broccoli crowns! Nope.  I finally decided to research that today and apparently it's not the case.  The same goes for the spinach I grew which was pretty much beyond use, although I managed to salvage a little today.  

            I've definitely learned a lot for next year....including to leave more space than the suggested inches given between each plant because clearly that has to do more with the roots than the enormous plants that are now all growing together.  Oh and carrots....when you plant the seeds, you're planting one carrot.  So I planted two.  Two whole carrots.  But it's been such a fun rewarding to watch.  And I also hadn't considered that growing our own vegetables would mean more flavor....better flavor.  But this broccoli was addicting....and I'm more of a chocolate fan......

          I think what was most exciting today is that I now have a bonus of fresh salad from the garden to go with our dinner....totally unexpected....from the backyard!  Lettuce, spinach leaves, broccoli and radishes.  I've never even bought a radish.  Can you tell?  I had no idea how to cut it, but it added some fun color so who cares!      

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