Sunday, May 4, 2014

Spring Cleaning!

          I figure this is worth sharing, even if you use this personally or to raise money for another cause.  Since the beginning, we have collected any unwanted items for our yard sales.  Along with that often comes bags of clothes and shoes.  Many of the clothes have been in such good condition, and often name brands, that I couldn't see selling them at our yard sales.  I was able to consign many of them and we have continued to raise money in this way (both for our adoptions and others).  A while back, someone shared with me about an online company that will send you a "cleanout" bag.  You fill the bag with accepted clothes, shoes, etc. and send it in (they cover shipping).  It costs nothing, which is great, but you get a small percentage of any clothing they accept.  There's definitely a risk that they won't accept some things, and those get donated.  We've earned between $5 and $50 for bags we've sent in.  Each consignment store or sale accepts only specific items, so whatever is not welcomed by others I've typically been able to send in to this company.  Considering at a yard sale you don't make more than $.25 for an article of clothing, it really has been worth it to go this route.  We also still donate anything that is ineligible to the Providence Rescue Mission.

      All of that to say....if you're interested in helping us to raise money for our adoption in this way, this is the link to thred up's cleanout program.  You request a bag, fill it when it comes in and then drop it off at a fedex location.  The great thing about this is that you don't have to live locally, you can do it from anywhere.  There's no cost to you, and for most of us we clean out our closets periodically and pass things on anyway.  As the seasons are changing and you're going through your things, keep this in mind!

     On another note, we are planning to do one final yard sale within the next month or two.  Many of you have continued to donate items you no longer want, and we are very thankful!  We'll continue to collect anything for just about another month now and then I think our yard sale days will be over for now.  Clothing, shoes and baby gear will always still be more than welcome as I will participate in the consignment sales long term to raise money for adoption in general.  Thanks!

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