Saturday, May 24, 2014

Four is Fun!

How does it happen so fast?  We can't believe our little firstborn is already 4!  He is turning into such a sweet, kind, sensitive, funny little guy.  He is SUCH a blessing! 

It is SO exciting to be 4!  This is what we heard all exaggeration. "I'm SO excited!!!" "I'm SO happy!"  "I love to be 4!"  "Oh MY! Oh my!" (mostly as he opened cards and presents) "Oh my goodness!"  "What?! This is so exciting!"

We started off our day with some presents from mommy, daddy and Levi.  And then we were off to find his real gift......which was supposed to be his own fish, but soon took a slight turn.....

The fish were all really cool.........

But the frogs and lizards were much cooler.  We figured it wasn't a big deal....until I was told that they eat crickets.....  He already had his heart set on this toad, so crickets it is.

Meet Hoppy.

Our next stop was to URI for a swim group through EI.  We weren't going to go since it was C's birthday, but when he overhead us talking about it he was ecstatic to hear we could go swimming.  And yes, hoppy came along to watch.  He then joined us for ice cream and we soon learned that we were celebrating for two.  Apparently since we bought Hoppy on Caleb's birthday, it was also Hoppy's birthday.

Our conversation at one point:
Caleb: I love you
Me: I love you too!
Caleb: No, I was talking to Hoppy!

After some short naps it was party time!  Caleb was clearly struggling to maintain the same level of excitement that he began the day with. 

                                        Levi was equally excited, but mainly with the balloons.  

             And today we played just about every new game Caleb received yesterday.  It was so cute watching them bursting with excitement and so eager to play.

This was our $2 find at the last consignment sale.  So fun! 

            One of Caleb's favorite gifts is his own camera!  He is having a blast taking pictures of everything. EVERYTHING.  Here's a few of his.............

         Every age is so much fun.....everything is so exciting to them and in turn exciting for us as we watch them in all their enthusiasm and awe.  I'm so thankful for this sweet little boy, and am so enjoying each stage of watching him grow.  What a blessing it is!

                        *                                                       *                                             *

            On another note, this week was also the closing celebration and awards ceremony for our church's Awana program.  This was the first event like this we've gone to since our boys are still so young, and we loved it!  He didn't start until later in the season, but was able to finish his first book and received the green pin he's wearing.  He was SO proud.....and so were we of course!  It was so sweet to hear so many little ones singing scripture, sharing memorized scripture, and seeing how they are already hiding God's word in their hearts.                      

Levi was a trooper....he sat the entire time, and actually seemed to enjoy it.  Here he is "playing" his dog as if it's a guitar.  He nodded his head to the music, danced a little in his seat, and played his dog during most of the songs.  Such a cutie! 

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