Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Personalized Pendant Necklaces

      A while back I posted a photo of a necklace I had purchased from someone else's adoption fundraiser.  It's a necklace with a map of where Levi is from, and I love it.  I had debated looking into making them myself and then tossed the idea aside, but recently decided to go for it.  It's actually a lot of fun, and whether or not they sell, I'm really glad I tried it.  I've always considered myself to be creative/craft-challenged, but these adoptions have really forced me to venture out and as a result I've learned how to make quite a few things!  The photo above is a sample of the three pendants I have......circle, square and heart.  I can put an image of a map, design, quote.....a family photo.....pretty much anything can go on them!  If you click to the link on the right of our blog, you can see some of the samples I've made.  There's also the choice of copper, silver, bronze or gunmetal chains!  I'll keep experimenting too so if you have a suggestion or something you'd like me to try, feel free to mention it!  I'm sure we could do ribbon in place of a chain for instance (I have since added an example with charms as seen below), and I'd like to look into adding some charms.  Anyway, as always feel free to spread the word!

Here's my favorite so far.....I've started adding charms : )

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