Saturday, April 26, 2014

Double It!

       My neighbors must truly think I sit at my door and watch all day for the mailman.  While this isn't exactly true, I do often run out immediately to get the mail upon hearing him approach our house.  It's usually nap time and the house is quiet.....okay, so maybe my ears are a little too in tune to the sound of the truck....oh well.  Since we've received USCIS approval, I haven't been waiting expectantly for anything, but here and there, I find little today.

     A couple weeks back we received an extremely generous donation out of the blue.  Truly such a blessing.  Unfortunately, we weren't able to deposit it for the way it was written out, so we had to let the generous donor know.  Today we received a new check in the mail......for DOUBLE the amount...and with the sweetest note.  Can I just say again how incredible it is that so many of you continue to come alongside of us and keep saying Yes to this call to care for the orphans.  And how amazing it is that God is speaking to so many of us, working in our lives, taking care of the details, providing the finances all for this common goal....this investment in His Kingdom?  Just thinking that miles away, a few days ago when were were totally unaware, going about our daily lives....God was prompting someone to "double it" and it was met with a "yes....great!" is truly amazing.  

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