Thursday, March 13, 2014

Hosting & Courage

           Friends of ours have a precious thirteen year old girl on hold for them to host this summer.  I could not be more excited for them, for this child....for the lives that will be changed!!  They are currently doing an online auction to raise the money needed, so if anyone is interested in joining, let me know and we can add you on facebook.  They also have a donation site set up!  I don't know how realistic it is, but I'm praying that our girls may be home this summer so they can all spend time together!

           So all of this hosting talk has got me thinking.  Last night I was praying for this girl and this upcoming experience and I really started to consider what it may be like from her perspective.  I realized how incredibly brave these young orphans are....really, think about it!  Even just the initial interview....I can only imagine for some how difficult that may be.  And then to travel to a new place.....unknown language, new smells, sites, sounds.....  Seriously, I don't know if I'd have had that kind of courage.  I think it'd be difficult even now as an adult, without the history that an orphan has, to travel to another country to stay by myself with a family I'd never met.  To say I'd be nervous is an understatement.  But for these children.....who know that maybe, just maybe, there's a chance that they'd get to come back.....that this family may not be temporary.....I can't imagine that pressure.  I talk about how exciting it is, how wonderful, how life changing....and those are all so very true, so real.  But, don't let me mislead anyone to think that it isn't hard....challenging....requires courage......

            So when I think about how many of us, myself included, find ourselves worrying....afraid of the unknown.....unsure if this is something we can really do....a change we're really up sort of pales in comparison to what these children are facing.  We have family and friends to support us....we are remaining in our homes, with all of the familiarity of life......I could go on and on.  I so admire these children....children being hosted, children in foster care, children being adopted.....what strength...courage....hope....resilience.  

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