Saturday, February 22, 2014

Orphan Hosting

        In recent weeks I've started to see new photo listings and information shared for orphan hosting in summer 2014.  I realized that while this information comes up regularly in my world, it may not be the same for many of you.  Orphan hosting is just one more, of the many ways that we can answer the call to care for the fatherless.  There are many organizations that travel to meet, interview and spend time with orphans who are eligible to travel to the United States for a period of time in the summer and then again around Christmas time.  The children are then chosen, photographed, and their information is shared in hopes that a family will choose to welcome them into their home...into their family.

        For those who may not feel that adoption is an option...or who may be hesitant and unsure....orphan hosting is a great opportunity.  I have read countless stories of those who have taken this journey, and what a blessing it was.  (And many...many...many!!! have gone on to pursue adoption for the child(ren) that they hosted.)  I do believe there are some training requirements and there is a fee.....but please do not let this hold you back.  I really hope you will consider and pray about this amazing opportunity to show these children what family means, to teach them about their heavenly Father, to demonstrate unconditional love and offer answer God's call on all of us to care for these precious open the eyes of our children, family, friends, be blessed more than you could imagine.  Below I have listed a few of the organizations that offer orphan hosting, but first I wanted to share "A look into orphan hosting" (taken from this blog) from a few families who have been there.......

                             And here are a few organizations if you'd like more information.........


  1. I would LOVE to host, someday :)

  2. ME too : ) I also want to add.....these two organizations have RI contacts on their pages, so it may be that these may be the place to start if you're in RI (not necessary, just a thought!) New Horizons for Children and Open Hearts and Homes