Monday, January 13, 2014

Sending You A Little Christmas....Til You Come Home

       I'm not sure what happened, but I attempted to post this around the New Year and it obviously didn't happen.  This is a video that was made by the families who were in the process of adopting from Russia when the ban hit.  Families and children that met and bonded, but remain separated.  I think of them often and it only intensifies how thankful I am that we were able to bring our son home.  I will never forget kneeling by my bedside in the most helpless state I'd ever experienced, praying with everything in me that our son would come home.  I cannot imagine this past year without him, and I cannot imagine how difficult it has been for these families.....and these children.  I trust that God is in control and that there are so many factors that I cannot know....cannot see.  And I continue to pray that He will move mountains and make a way for these children to know the love of a family.....the love of a heavenly Father.  Please join me in continuing to pray for them!

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