Sunday, December 1, 2013

Soaking It All In

           Around this time last year we were making preparations to take our second trip to Russia to make things official in court!  I had hoped and prayed that Levi would make it home for Christmas, but knew we were going to have to wait until this year to have our family together for the holidays.  And here we are.....boy does time fly.  Levi enjoyed his first Thanksgiving (although he slept through much of it with a 4 hour nap!) and certainly appreciated the large variety of food!  I am so thankful for this little guy......look at that face.......

             He literally soaks everything in.  ALWAYS.  No matter what we're doing, he is interested.....trying to figure out how things work.....what is making a to get it to do what it's doing....watching what we do and imitating......So.Smart. I knew that he would be amazed and intrigued by the Christmas tree and whole decorating process.  The boys and daddy put the tree together while I was out, so when I arrived home Levi kept pointing to show me what they had done.  As we started to decorate, he caught on quickly....bringing one ornament after another over to the tree and resting it on.  It's so much fun seeing everything through a child's eyes.....their awe and excitement.....their delight!

          Last year I was able to make our Christmas cards with Levi's pictures from the baby home...but this year it was so fun to take pictures at the park and with both boys!

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          We can't go to the park without taking pony rides......and it was also a great incentive for getting some nice smiles during out little photo shoot!  Caleb went first, and this time Levi showed his anticipation for his turn.  He typically waits calmly and is very serious about the whole endeavor.  I love watching the changes in his responses.  He pointed, vocalized his desire for a turn in his own way, whined and pulled towards the pony.  We've seen a lot of this more sitting back and watching, he's not missing out on anything!