Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

  This Christmas I feel incredibly blessed to be celebrating as a family of four!  It's been so exciting to watch Levi experience Christmas here for the first time.....seeing the wonder in his eyes and the excitement at each new thing.  He literally comes downstairs each day and ooohs and ahhhss over the tree as if he is seeing it for the first time. 
    I think my favorite ornament this year is the one below.  First because I love the sweet girl that gave it to us.....whose love for this little guy is so evident, and who did so much to help him come home.  And second because I so wanted Levi to have a 1st Christmas ornament hanging on the tree like his big brother, but it just didn't fit.  He's already had two Christmas', they just weren't here...with his family.  I love that this ornament acknowledges that, and that it celebrates this being his first Christmas home.  

Some of our 2013 Christmas memories........

  Going to see all the lights at Lasalette.....lots more oohhhs and ahhhs from Levi! '

            Making lots of Christmas cards and art projects for friends and family!  Caleb helped to come up with a list of gifts we could give to Jesus.....things like giving to and serving others......several things on the list included making cards for people, like the mailman (Caleb wanted to give him mail since he always brings us mail : ) ) and neighbors.  We also made cookies, are returning a borrowed item, and are supposed to give the neighbors dog a dinosaur.  Hey, he's three so I just went with it!

Cousins getting to enjoy one another!

                                        Singing happy birthday to Jesus and celebrating with cupcakes!

                                                      Pure joy and excitement over dinosaurs!                                

Levi opening his very first Christmas present this year.  He was pretty excited about being allowed to rip paper!

  Getting dressed up and taking lots of pictures.....I'm fairly certain this was not a highlight for either of them, but they humored us pretty well!

                                          Reading about the most amazing gift given to us!

And acting it out as we read......

        Some more gifts for Jesus on Christmas morning.....Caleb picked out some bunnies for people in Asia.  "They're furry. They're cute. And they can change someone's life. A pair of rabbits will quickly multiply, providing a steady diet of healthy meat, and plenty of bunnies to sell. Rabbits are easy to feed and can be raised in a small space—an important consideration in the crowded areas of Asia."

          And Levi picked out some chickens!! For the people of Asia, a pair of chickens can create a steady income. Chicken eggs provide food for the family and the extras can be sold at market. Through this simple gift, you may help a malnourished child become stronger every day because of the tasty eggs.

                                                         Love my boys!!!!

                                 Our first year with the three gifts....this was their "myrrh" gift : )

And their "gold" gift.....microphones and a stage built by daddy! 

              And as if all of this wasn't enough......I received an email from our facilitator this morning......within the message were these words...... "One of your dreams was to be able to adopt from Ukraine. We would like to give you a small present. If you felt that the cost might have been an issue, several items from the cost breakdown list will be on us."  I think God is offering yet another confirmation that this was the direction we were supposed to take....the person we were to work with.  And again I am blown how He truly does make it clear.  I'll elaborate in another post soon.  This advent season I have learned so much and have experienced Christmas in a whole new way.  I'm so thankful for the opportunity to be purposeful this season and to learn alongside my family how we can celebrate the greatest gift......without Him, the rest of this wouldn't exist or hold any true meaning.  Merry Christmas!!


  1. Wow!!! What a blessing!!! I love seeing how God is leading you guys so clearly. The stage Luke made is awesome, what a unique gift!!! I love seeing all the pics, that one of them all dressed up is SO cute. You guys are blessed!

  2. It's amazing how He makes things clear in His timing and is so faithful to make a way! Thanks so much, he's been wanting to make that since we moved in, we figure they'll get a lot of use out of it! : ) We certainly are so blessed!