Sunday, November 24, 2013

Auction Results!

              So I'm sure we've probably said "thank you" about 7 million times in the process of adopting Levi and now this second adoption....and I often feel that it's incredibly inadequate.  But really, THANK YOU....I wish there was a better way to express our gratitude towards everyone and all that SO very many of you have done to help on these journeys.  But please know how much we appreciate all of the support you have shown us.

             In all honesty, I was hesitant to do an auction because it involved asking for people to make donations in order that we could ask people to buy stuff.  I've never been too keen on fundraising, and find it uncomfortable.....and yet it's been crucial to our following God's call and incredibly humbling to witness the willing generosity and support of so many friends, family and even many who have never met us.

           So again, thank you to all who donated and made this possible.....YOU have played a role in changing the lives of two really, four children and our entire family....and ultimately countless others.  YOU have answered the call to care for orphans and defend the cause of the fatherless.  I can't stress that enough.

           The auction was really a lot of's been a huge endeavor, but really a great way to actively fund-raise during the colder months when we can't be having our yard sales etc.  With all of the items on the auction that sold, including all soap orders (there were around 100!!), but not including bracelets the total we raised was $1,473.50!!!!  I did buy a few things here and there, and will be shipping some items, but this is beyond what I ever expected!!!

         When I looked back at the information we received from the facilitator we plan to work with, and looked at what God has already provided us with, I realized that we have enough to cover everything up until we would travel!  I have mixed feelings with these first I feel blown away, and at the same time it's really no surprise.  Sort of contradictory, but it's just amazing to see how God provides, and yet as we've seen it time and time again, it's not so surprising.....that God would equip us for what He's called us to do.  That He's doing what He promises He'll do...not really a surprise....just really amazing.

       I finally updated the Q & A page for the second adoption and we are eager to get started....but we know that it will all happen in God's perfect timing, and that anything can change along the way!  Have I mentioned that life is so much more, since we've started letting God really be in control?  

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