Saturday, November 9, 2013

Adoption Auction

               After months of planning and many generous friends and family donating items, our auction is about to officially begin!  As always we are so thankful to all those who helped make this possible and now to all those who are taking part in the auction itself.  God has already begun providing in huge ways and we have more than enough (isn't this always the case?!) to begin our first steps and more.  Our house in it's current state is holding us back a bit on updating our home study, but we hope it will soon be ready and are eager to start on this journey.

              Anyone and everyone is welcome to join the auction is open, however I do believe that you need to request to join.  I will certainly add anyone who requests, so please feel free to share with your friends and family.  Although there are some bids already, the auction officially begins on Monday November 11th (update: as I've added people, the bidding has already taken off, so we're open early, but will end as scheduled!) and will end at 8pm on November 22nd.  There are details on the auction site about how it works.

                                                   To Go To The Auction Site Click Here

            I'd like to just say thank you to many of the donors and share with you some of their information in case you are interested in purchasing additional items from them in the future.  They have all so generously and willingly donated, so my hope is to help advertise for them a bit here as a thank you!

                                                 Thank you so very much to............
                                    Sylvia Witt for the beautiful homemade Tea basket

         Julie Carnevale for the Ava Anderson Baby set -

           Erica Shea for the Photo Session -

East Greenwich Photo for the Photo Package - or visit them on facebook at

 Christina Poulsen for the $50 Ava Anderson gift certificate -

       Walter Ortiz for the free Martial Arts Package -

Amanda Towne for the Pampered Chef Set -

Joyce Andrade for the Geneology Package Gift Certificate -

 Amy Ortiz for the free photo shoot and cd of images - Visit her website at and her facebook page at for more!

            Morning Star for the two gift certificates -

                                Maddie Towne for the beautiful handmade scarf

                                    Kristen Gengenbach for the girls bedroom set

                                    Diane Black for the huge box of assorted felt

       Becca Sherwood for the homemade soaps - AND thirty one products -

       This is all such a joint effort and we are so grateful for the many people that stand beside us!

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